World Internet Day: connected thanks to technology

World Internet Day has been celebrated every May 17 since 2005. What would become of us without the Internet? It is difficult to imagine, our daily life is surrounded by technologies that involve the use of the Internet.
It is precisely thanks to this tool that we can search, send and read information from different places immediately. If you want to know more about this celebration, stay and read this article.

How and why World Internet Day was born
Almost 16 years ago, World Internet Day was celebrated with extraordinary participation. The purpose of this tribute is to continue showing the benefits offered by the use of this technology. In addition, what is sought is that more and more people have access to it.
The growth of connectivity has made it possible for millions of people today to enjoy the advantages of the Internet, however, there is still much to do.
Differences are still observed in the speed of the networks and in the availability of this resource in different countries. This generates inequalities and disadvantages in the use of the computer network.
That is why World Internet Day was born, after the Information Congress held in Tunis in 2005, this idea was proposed to the UN.

Advantages offered by the Internet
The arrival of computing and the use of new technologies have changed our lives. From the way we interact with others to the most basic activities we do during the day.
In addition, we can say that the distance between the various places in the world has disappeared with the use of the Web.
The expansion of this instrument has brought innumerable advantages from its creation to the present day. Among the benefits it offers us, we can mention the following:
• The amount and diversity of information found on the Internet is enormous and comes from thousands of sources.
• You have broken down communication barriers. It gives us the opportunity to be in contact with people from anywhere
• The speed of communication is almost immediate
• It allows us to know and learn about other cultures
• All sectors such as education, health, and at the business level, have been able to generate positive advances for humanity
• We have optimized our time doing things online that previously required our presence
• We can express our thoughts, points of view, ideas, freely
These are some of the main advantages that the computer network brings us. Even in the most recent ECLAC report, advances in technology have been analyzed. The Internet has been seen as a key factor in these times of pandemic.

Internet: a basic right for all
Having the Internet is a human right that is related to the freedom that we all have to express ourselves. This has been recognized by the UN and the IACHR for several years.
These bodies establish that all people must have guaranteed Internet connectivity. Likewise, access to technological services must be equitable, accessible and of quality.
In this way, governments have the duty to guarantee this resource to their entire population, without limitations. As well as other basic human rights. The legal regulations contemplate the following:
• All the states of the world must promote Internet access. So that they guarantee other fundamental rights such as the freedom to communicate, health, education and work.
• Nations should facilitate regulatory mechanisms that help technologies reach rural or remote populations.
• The benefits of this tool should be made known to the entire population; also information on how to use it properly.
• Internet availability must be guaranteed for the elderly and people in special conditions.

How will we celebrate World Internet Day this year?
Every year during World Internet Day various activities related to the world of computing are carried out. And one way to celebrate it is by giving away personalized designs for that day.
In TshirtsFlorida you find the ideal garment to celebrate this date. Just visit our website and find out what we have to commemorate World Internet Day.
This year we wanted to show how the Internet has been the great driver of digital transformation. Among the activities planned to celebrate this day are:
• Conferences with institutions and experts in information technologies and networks where ideas and experiences are shared
• Awarding of prizes to individuals or organizations focused on the subject
• Concerts and photographic and video contests with themes where technology is shown as part of our life
• Offers in stores that sell online

During this May 17, due to the pandemic, all events will be held virtually. Once again, thanks to the immense possibilities offered by the Internet, we will be able to be united to celebrate this great day.