Nowadays, it is necessary to have clothing that makes us feel comfortable, but also that makes us look well dressed. White shirt are ideal. The reason of that is working at home has become a need given the confinement that the world experiences in this year 2020. The shirts match everything and if they are white shirts, even more.

What do White shirt symbolize?

White shirt have managed to impose itself over time, so much so, that it has served as a uniform for countless people. This cotton garment has managed to stay as a classic. Besides, it has been able to survive all the fashions that have passed.

In these months during the confinement many people have been looking for their white shirt. In fact, the increase in sales of this garment has become very noticeable. But, what will be the reason for the sales of the white shirt to skyrocket? Let’s see a little of this curious fact.


White shirt and the influencers

During the confinement the increase in sales of white shirt has been very considerable. It is a very comfortable and simple garment that many have decided to use to be at home, but without losing style.

Moreover, many influencers have shown through their posts what they look like being at home. Some of them upload photos or videos wearing comfortable clothes while still looking good. In several of the cases some of them wear the traditional white cotton t-shirt.

Some case of influencers

In fact, a notable case was made on Instagram by the German influencer Caroline Daur, who has a good number of followers. In a photograph she appears wearing a white t-shirt. Then, she accompanied the publication with a text that said: “my daily uniform.”

On the other hand, we also saw Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle . In a video call that she made with Hubb Community Kitchen, she is wearing a white T-shirt. Thus, from there, sales of this garment began to increase. And it is already we saw that they were booming from the beginning of confinement in many cities around the world.

After Megan’s call, there was a noticeable shot at the T-shirt sale. In fact, they increased by 14% in less than 24 hours, and white shirts from sports brands are in high demand.

white shirts

A comfortable and stylish classic through White shirts

White shirts have shown us that a person can look good and show style even while wearing simply and comfortably. Therefore, the simple outfits in which this garment is the protagonist claim the clothes of being at home while still looking good.

This garment has risen to the position of an important classic, as much or more than a cowboy. In addition, it has surpassed any cultural barrier, showing that regardless of sex or social class anyone can use it.

Certainly, it is currently known even as an emblematic garment, which on many occasions is the clean slate to hang a message. Being made of cotton gives it a unique freshness and is ideal not only for hanging messages, but also for creating uniformity within a group of people.

white shirts

The white t-shirt, more than an eternal basic

The white t-shirt is more than an eternal staple, over time it has become the universal cultural symbol of fast fashion.

Besides, we cannot forget the anecdote of Martin de Thura, a filmmaker who captured a video in Stores where a girl appears walking through the streets of Berlin. She wears a white T-shirt that she takes off and it shows that she discards it at once. This has created a great deal of controversy that makes the white T-shirt worthy of its display at the Museum of Modern Art.

In the movies

So, with this video the filmmaker demonstrated the subversive possibility that this garment has. And this has been demonstrated by the woman who invented the long-standing slogan shirt, Katharine Hamnett.

Besides, let’s not forget that already by the 50s actors like James Dean and Marlon Brandon used these shirts with a slogan in movies that are now a classic (Rebel without a Cause and A Streetcar Named Desire). From there, the popularity of the shirt has not stopped climbing.

Origins of the cotton white shirts

When we go back to the origins of the white t-shirt, we are surprised to discover that it was not always used as an outer garment. When it was beginning to become popular, it was used as underwear for the United States Naval Army and many men wore it under the shirt as a sweatshirt. Some people say this was for 1898 during the war with Spain.

T-shirts continue to be marketed in the early 20th century as an undergarment that was very comfortable and easy to maintain. But always are focused on the image of the strong and manly soldier. Of course, it would take a long time – almost fifty years – for women to try the comfort of the white shirt and other shirts. So, little by little it became an object of desire for many.

This desire was increased, above all, by looking at this piece as a luxury garment in the 90s. It happened when the fashion industry revolutionized seeing Channel models wear white shirts in their shows. In this way, the shirt changed the world of fashion by being worn under glamorous designer jackets.

A uniform with infinite possibilities

The white T-shirt has shown us that sometimes looking sophisticated requires simplicity. And it is in this simplicity where our garment maximizes its charm.

Several brands and firms work to achieve the perfect model, but we cannot forget that the taste of each person will always have a lot of influence. Some of these firms like Arket or Eyerlane have created fabulous models of white shirts.

Some of the designs of these firms usually present the same white shirt with variations. These variants can be in the length of the sleeve, in the neck, which is usually closed, the type of fabric used and, of course, the finish. Some more daring brands have even added edges and lace to give it your personal touch.

White shirts, the classic of all time

It is demonstrated then that, the possibilities of productivity are so many that many people can acquire it in a very easy and economical way. This is true even though white shirts can be considered a mass produced object. On the other hand, the versatility of its use is what makes it be present in most cabinets.

It is a garment not easy to discard. We dare to say that we all need it at some point. Therefore, it is not surprising then that, in these days of confinement, in which many people who are at home but still work use it daily.

Through the networks they point out that they continue to do creative things and of course, they are wearing a white shirt that represents comfort and are still attractive and chic.

With this great increase in sales on white shirts, it is established that it is not only an item of clothing, it is also a powerful symbol. Even in times of confinement it is present and. What is more, it is the garment par excellence.

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