There is no doubt that heat transfer printing is a highly effective technique. So that? To enhance the brand image and for your company to leave its mark wherever each member goes.

Beyond the many virtues of this type of printing, using it gives your company distinction and formality. All employees wear your brand, and the consumer easily recognizes it. You take your company to another level by customizing, for example, uniforms.

Below, we will tell you everything you need about heat transfer printing. Thus, you will know what this technique consists of and the multiple virtues it has to offer your company.

What is heat transfer printing?

You can achieve varied and excellent quality creations with heat transfer printing. Printing various designs on fabrics is one of the many forms that advertising takes today. It supports a variety of sketches and colors and transforms garments. This printing system offers two printing variants:

1. Heat transfer through printing equipment that injects ink onto a garment. It is not just any ink, but it is high density. It is a high-speed printing system and ideal for those needing the job.

2. By thermal transfer. This technique uses a printer that works the designs on white transfer vinyl. Heat is what causes this transfer to take place. Then, a plotter is used. This equipment is specific to cutting the vinyl following the shape of the design. The final step is to use a tool to remove the excess vinyl so that only the image remains. This “weeding” tool allows the chosen sketch to stay clean on the fabric without excess.

You can transfer your desired design to a garment using heat and pressure in this second alternative. The latter helps to achieve better adhesion on the fabric. Can you imagine your employees wearing and carrying your company logo everywhere? You will complete it using any of these two techniques.

What should be taken into account when printing by heat transfer?

Several factors influence when deciding whether to use them or not. Among them, we can mention:

  • Type of fabric: Some fabrics, such as cotton, allow the print to last longer and be better quality.
  • Design you will print: control the colors and size of the sketch for the printed garment.
  • Color of the fabric: check if it matches the color of the design.

These variables will influence the printing result. Therefore, you must analyze them before starting the process.

Heat transfer printing: take advantage of its virtues

This system offers advantages of various kinds. It allows you to express your brand in garments of unmatched quality. It also gives you the possibility of transmitting an impeccable image to the consumer. Among the many advantages of this type of printing, we tell you some:

  • You can print your brand on any garment: it gives you the possibility of putting your logo or design on t-shirts, accessories, and jackets, among other things. You have to verify that the fabric is suitable for this system.
  • It allows you to print on accessories, not clothing or uniforms: bags, gloves, towels, aprons, and bandanas, among many others.
  • It gives an image of a formal and responsible company: your employees will carry your brand everywhere. It is a way to present your company and stand out.
  • Lasts over time: it is a quality impression and is durable.
  • It’s 24-hour advertising: employees will wear your logo everywhere on their clothing and accessories. This is permanent advertising without rest. Wherever they go with your brand, you will be promoting yourself.
  • It is a profitable resource: it does not require significant money investments.
  • You can print on different fabrics: It is possible to work with this system on cotton, polyester, and mixed fabrics, among others.

Indeed, you have already realized that this printing system has many advantages. It is very versatile and allows you to think of variants to get the most out of it. In short, it is your brand that is going to be walked everywhere, so it has to look perfect. This system gives you the possibility of showing it in the best way.

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