Do you want to enhance and project the corporate image of your company? Or do you need to promote an event? So, an elegant custom embroidery is your answer if you are looking for distinction.

The corporate image in custom embroidery

Certainly, custom embroidery is in high demand for its quality and strength. This is due to the printing system used. In fact, this method of presentation allows the first image to be given to other people.

At T Shirts Florida, we make embroidery on textiles for different businesses, including universities, schools, nurseries, and institutes, with custom embroidery near me. We also provide our product for any organization that requires this type of service. Remember, a good embroidery will give a lot of value and beauty to your clothes. Next, you can see how this technique works with custom embroidery near me.

We create custom embroidery for any occasion

Besides, we adapt the design to the requests of individuals, associations, clubs, and organizations. We also present you our varied selection of designs, colors, and fonts. So, we want to capture your wishes and bring them to reality. Our job is to provide custom embroidery near me that is lasting.

Fabrics, accessories and garments with custom embroidery

We make the requested prints on various types of fabrics, accessories and garments. Yo can also go to our catalog.


Firstly, we can talk about embroidered jackets which give formality, class and distinction to any activity. Moreover, you just have to select the model of your preference. And we take care of giving it the final touch.


Secondly, embroidered backpacks. They can represent a corporate promotional accessory. Since it can display the names of companies. They can also be given to customers with the company logo. And they can be for personal use with the print of your preference.

Shirts, T-shirts and polo shirts

On the other hand, we can menction our shirts, T-shirts and polo shirts. They embroidery with very resistant threads and the colors are durable. They remain unchanged despite the washes.

Besides, We have very varied color ranges and different shades from metallic to fluorescent. Wear work clothes with elegance.

Custom embroidery


Undeniably, the patches have a very personal and distinctive touch. They make for jackets, caps, backpacks and vests. These can be placed with various motifs. For example, flags, logos, bikers, rockers, fun, comics, whichever you want. They look great on thick clothes.

University embroidered scholarships

We specialize in making embroidery on all kinds of scholarships and tunics for graduation events. For that reason, do not hesitate to contact us for this special ocasion. We will be happy to help you.


You can select your cap model and we will put the embroidery you indicate. They are ideal for clubs, athletes, music groups, associations and any activity you want to personalize.

Custom embroidery


A personalized sweatshirt with unique embroidery can be a spectacular gift. It may carry a specific message. And you can also include the embroidered corporate logo on them. Thus, you are creating an image for companies.


Bags that have a logo, or are personalized, use widely in marketing. In addition, they can be delivered as a gift. They also serve as support for specific causes, in various events and activities. For example, fairs, birthdays, exhibitions or among other occasions.

At T Shirts Florida we deliver your piece with a luxurious final finish. We work to deliver excellence and distinction. We only use the best printing equipment to make your embroidery look elegant.

You can wear quality embroidery. It will have a decorative, embossed, gloss and color rendering of T Shirts Florida.


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