Adding a logo or design to a T-shirt, polo, cap or apron can be achieved using many methods, each has advantages and disadvantages to your business strategy and budget. Selecting the right method of printing is the key to your business marketing success. Here at Tshirts Florida we have been producing quality merchandise for our clients for over ten years. We are happy to discuss the various methods that would suit your promotion or business.

Heat Transfer

For small businesses heat transfer printing is the best value. Heat transfers a design on to a fabric, be it a shirt, polo or cap. This method is not as long lasting as silk screen printing, but the cost is cheaper, so more cost effective to smaller businesses.

Heat transfer printed designs have a smooth texture, but do deteriorate quicker with use and washing. Turn around time for heat press printing is also quicker if time is a factor. This method is suited if you want to advertise a product or service quickly and with high prominence.

Transfer printing is mainly best suited to white T-shirts and garments. Heat transfer the gas ink into the actual garment, be it a cap, t-shirt or polo. Heat transfer printing is also available on dark fabrics with use of specially designed transfer paper.

Vinyl Transfer

With vinyl transfer colour layering is possible, a number of colours are used with a vinyl cutter that laser cuts a logo or design from a sheet of vinyl. Vinyl transfer is similar to heat press in that the final design needs to be heat pressed. The difference is that the vinyl transfer process requires multiple sheets of different color to make up the final design, thus requires more work and time to complete.

Due to the longer processing time vinyl transfer’s are best suited to small runs or even single print T-shirts. The quality of vinyl transfer suits lettering as the edges are very clear and crisp.

Sublimation Printing

Liquid ink transforms into a gas because of the high heat, and when pressed onto a garment leads to a deep and long lasting print. This method is best suited to synthetic clothing namely polyester and acrylic. The final result differs from heat transfer or vinyl because the inks are embedded into the actual garment fibres. A special dye-sublimation printer is used which uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric.


The embroidery method involved no heat or pressing, instead each part of your logo or design is stitched onto the garment itself. This method best suits work wear like aprons or uniforms and caps as washing the garment does not deteriorate the design. Embroidery works best with one to three colors to stich the logo onto the garment. Since actual threads are used to make up the design this method is best suited to logos or simple designs which are smaller in size.

Tshirts Florida specialize in all of the above methods and can quote you a price without obligation for your needs. Call us on 786 200 7875 for a friendly chat, we are here to help.

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