This is a post that will teach you how to come up with several unique Tshirt ideas and designs.

Everyone wants a t-shirt idea that would go viral but the chances of a Tshirt going viral have little to do with the Tshirt idea or design itself. During the conceptualization stage, many are always confident that their tshirt ideas would be the next big thing, but there is little record t back that fact up, compared to the instances when these designs fade away.

When coming up with T-shirt designs, it is important to aim for marketable, rather than aiming for viral. Ensure your t-shirt will be loved by a particular group of people, rather than everyone. This way your design can be focused, and be the result of credible market research.

Follow your Audience and Watch Trends

Thanks to social media, you can follow your audience from the pam of your hand. Instagram is a visually-oriented site that can help you research and understand the taste of your audience. Ensure you are watching the right set of people, else you may end up with the wrong result due to the difference in tiny detail.

Also, avoid focusing your research on the subject, which is a tshirt. It is best to focus on the experience and need that this T-shirt is satisfying. Avoid making tshirt designs without deeper values. Focus on the topics that hypes your market audience the most.

Continue Following them and Watching Trends

Taste change. It could take a split second or trillions of seconds. Always watching your audience places you ahead of the curve, allowing you to notice changes and follow up on it. Being one of the first few to sight a trend and jump on it is a very important strength that could help you stand out.

Make it your thing. At least it is what you do, and it is your job to know what they want.


Fashion can be more than just a lifestyle but a solution. What are the fashion-related problems faced by your audience? That could make all the difference to help you grow your brand and have more fans. Although solutions would have to come from pre-existing ideas, this is an artist art of stealing. If your solution works, you can then rely on word of mouth and referrals enough to help you make sales.

Combine Ideas

You don’t have to work alone, neither should you work with a half-baked idea. Ensure your design is ready to be received by your audience. Test your designs and hire experts to work with you. It doesn’t have to be the best, it simply has to work.

There is the final option of always working with custom designs for your tshirt ideas.

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