If you are in the T-shirt business you need to keep up with trends. Here are the top 10 trending T-shirt designs anticipated to become the trendiest of 2020. These are the designs that can inspire your brand to outperform competitions and increase revenue.

trending T-shirt designs

1.-Animal portraits top trending T-shirt

There is a massive rise in Animal Influencers on social media, which is an expected trend. To support the initiative, many would rather go for a cloth with a gorgeous looking animal or ferocious animal printed on it. Animals like dogs, cats, turtles, wolves and more, are the first choice of many enthusiasts. Celebrities with pets are also embracing this trend.

2.-Abstract artwork is also a favorite trending T-shirt design

Many designers and artists are beginning to move their designs from Instagram or Behance to T-shirts where they can also help people appreciate their work of art. Many go for artworks that are fan favorite on social media, making it easier for others to embrace the choice on a T-shirt.

3.-Mountain an unexpected trending T-shirt design

Unorthodox right? Mountains have always been used as a symbol of goal setting and overcoming challenges. This and because of its beautiful natural view has made it a top choice for many people looking to get a T-shirt. The bold image of a mountain gives a very strong imagery choice for apparel.


Flowers as we already know, are beautiful gifts of nature. They come in so many forms and can be represented in so many ways. Flowers represent growth, beauty, and maturity in many environments. It is visually appealing and has always been used on several T-shirts. Having a unique design on your outfit might make all the difference.

5.- Inspirational and bold words

Our fashion style expresses how we feel, and it can be done even more boldly. Many people would choose an outfit because of the words on it and the feeling it resonates with. It is also an approach that works for many causes, emphasizing what the movement stands for.

6.-Retro typography

The retro fonts originated from the 60 and 70th century, with psychedelic colors. The result of combining a funky color with a groovy font is a simple designed graphic t-shirt that works for most social events and with almost any accessories.

7.-Abstract art

The best thing about abstract art on T-shirt is that it comes out looking organic, especially if combined with text. These designs stand out and are yet subtle. They add a creative feel to the brand and individual wearing the Tshirt.


8.-Enlarged print

Enlarge print, more like organic art, also always comes out looking organic. When creatively applied, it stays obvious without being a distraction. Especially, designs with a bit more details than usual, enlarging it on a Tshirt would go a long way to help the message be better received.

Sequence design

Especially found in the African Ankara culture, have repeating designs in a regular or irregular form can also be the major uniqueness of the Tshirt. The technique works well for both artworks, text, and strokes.

These designs are best subtle and not too bright. A mix of text, strokes, and artworks is also a common trend you should look out for.

Tiny artworks

Unorthodox right? Let people wonder and take a closer look at your T-shirt, a second look. Tiny, yet relevant artworks on designs have always been a consistent trend. Brands like Nike are known to have a trending Tshirt with just their icon embedded on the chest.

Here you have the Top 10 trending T-shirt designs for this 2020. Now, you only have to choose what is best for your own style and personality!


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