The use of a face mask has spread throughout the world

It is very normal to see a face mask on the street today compared to earlier times. Until a year ago they were considered exclusive tools for health professionals. Now, you need them to avoid breaking the regulations imposed by local and national governments.
No matter where you live, not wearing the mask represents a wake-up call from the authorities. Some people even consider that more biosecurity elements should be used in combination with these. However, today you should know the advantages of fabric face masks.
Why the face mask has been so important in our lives
Having a face mask is essential for a reason we are all familiar with. Until the first quarter of 2020, it was not known the great danger that a virus could represent. However, the COVID-19 disease came to teach us how complicated a pandemic really is. Surely since the influenza crisis of 1918 something like it has not been seen.
It is difficult to think that a cure for such a disease cannot be found in such an advanced world. However, the most important thing is that today we have all the implements to protect ourselves.
Since the news broke to the international level about COVID-19, many ways to prevent it have also come out. Quarantine, use of disinfectant and other products to clean surfaces. Avoid crowding people in closed spaces, everything is part of the well-known biosafety standards.
And of course, the face mask has not been left behind as a method used to prevent contagion. In the first instance, we knew that the best option was to use the masks preferred by health professionals.
Many options in terms of face mask
Surgical masks and especially the N95 have garnered international attention. They are classified as the best choice when you want to avoid contagion by the COVID-19 virus. However, they present two very important details that few people take into account:
• It is a face mask that can only be used once effectively. This means that you will have to dispose of it later.
• It has gone from being an optional element in different areas of a hospital to being mandatory.
The main problem regarding the use of this type of mask is that they are very rare on the market. International bodies have spoken of the importance of reserving N95s for healthcare workers. The reason is obvious, it is they who really require the most protection against the powerful virus.
And that’s how we got to the fabric face mask. Although it does not have the same protective capacity as the N95, it does serve a very important function. It prevents the respiratory droplets that are the main causes of the spread of the virus from spreading. In this way, it prevents that if a person has the disease, they can infect other close people.

Many companies consider the face mask
In addition to the use of disinfectant and social distancing, the cloth face mask has been very present in our lives. Thanks to this element it has been possible to reduce infections, as long as all people use it. In addition, despite not being as efficient as the N95, it offers other advantages:
• Unlike N95 masks, these are reusable. You should only wash it after you have used it. Many people also use alcohol after washing to ensure complete disinfection.
• There are different designs and colors to choose from. You can make your face mask become part of your outfit.
• They are much cheaper products than medical masks or N95.
One of the main problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought is the amount of garbage it has generated. The fact that medical masks and N95s are not reusable has been a real problem. However, using both types of masks can balance this situation.
That is, there are ways to reduce the production of waste from the use of masks. This does not imply that we are unprotected against the effects of the virus. We can even help to clean up our economy since the continuous purchase of protection is not acceptable for anyone.
Present advantages
The idea is that the largest number of N95 masks are concentrated for health centers. Likewise, if you are going to go to a place where there is a greater risk of contagion, you can also assess its use. However, for the rest of our routine we can use the cloth masks. In this way, advantages such as:
• Most essential, we protect ourselves from the virus in key places such as clinics and hospitals. In addition, we also protect other people, since the cloth face mask reduces the output of respiratory droplets.
• The purchase of medical masks is reduced, which represent a greater expense. We must remember that there are other biosecurity expenses such as disinfectant and gloves.
• Contamination caused by the use and disposal of surgical masks or N95 is fought.
• The use of N95 masks is reserved for people who really need it. That is, doctors, nurses, orderlies, and hospital and clinic personnel. The same for people who need to enter a health center for causes related to COVID-19 or independent.
Plus, the cloth masks also feature great designs for you to pick out your favorites. Many clothing brands in the face of this reality have been in charge of offering us excellent models of protective masks.

The use of the face mask should never be forgotten
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