The importance of the types of fabrics for a print

When we talk about personalizing a garment, considering the types of fabrics is crucial for achieving a good result. For example, a great design is essential, as well as selecting the best type of printing. But, the importance of choosing the right type of fabric is decisive.

That is why in this post we will discuss the significance of selecting the appropriate types of fabrics for each design. Not all fabric is ideal for ensuring the printing method used delivers the best possible results. What you want is for the outcome to be as similar to the original design as possible, emphasizing the critical role types of fabrics play in this process.

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The importance of the type of fabric you use for your designs

First of all, it is necessary to be clear that to make all the printing design to personalize a garment there are a variety of fabrics. In fact, there are high quality T-shirt printing fabrics, natural fabrics. But there are also synthetic ones, and even a combination of both fabrics. Let’s get to know a little about them.

  • Natural fabric. They are natural because that is their origin, whether of a vegetable or mineral type. They are very well known, like cotton and linen. Silk also falls into this group as do wool and jute.
  • Synthetics fabric. The material that is used as raw material for its production is, in some cases, plastic, and in others, oil. Some of them are used to make T-shirts, these are: polyester, nylon and spandex.

There are other varieties of these fabrics that are also used. These are the leacril, the rayon and in some cases the Keylar. Although they are of synthetic origin, these fabrics mimic the natural type very well and in some cases they tend to look very similar.

Which type of fabric to choose to print T-shirts?

When you are going to make an impression, it is always recommended to use natural ones, since these can more easily absorb ink, while synthetics tend to reject it. Of course, it may also depend on the type of printing that is going to be used.

If you have dedicated yourself to the trade of printing T-shirts, understanding the types of fabrics will allow you to distinguish and differentiate between the two. And you can determine which of the two fabrics to use depending on the type of printing.

If in your particular case you have the idea of opening a business dedicated to printing designs, considering the types of fabrics is crucial. You should know which ones would suit you according to the method you plan to use. Remember that fabrics work like your canvas, and knowing the types of fabrics is better to choose in time.

Printing methods

It is important, before determining the fabric you will use, to know what the available printing methods are; so we leave a brief review of them below.

  • Screen printing. This process is characterized by reproducing an image using a mesh. Subsequently, the design is made by layers.
  • Digital textile printing. It is a method that works through very high definition clothing printers. Digital T-shirt printing is ideal because it helps save a lot of time compared to screen printing.
  • Transfer. It is based on a transferable sheet where the design is applied using heat. It is of the highest quality, allowing you to create designs with excellent photographic quality.
  • Textile vinyl. This method also uses heat through a foil. It is used a lot in sports shirts.

The suitable fabrics for your prints

The most important thing is that you keep in mind what are the benefits that each type can offer you when you make the impressions. In this way, you will be able to obtain the expected result. Remember that with each fabric you will have a different result, because even the same thickness has an impact on the final result.

However, we can safely say, based on our experience that cotton is without a doubt the fabric that suits you. First of all, because this fabric works well with all the printing methods that you are used to working with.

Second, because it is a fabric that turns out to be very comfortable and breathable. Although there are various types of cotton, the thickest ones absorb color better and are therefore breathable. However, the full print technique is not suitable for use on cotton. Polyester fabrics are recommended in these cases.

type of fabric

Full print

But what is full print? It is also a printing technique, but this is done on all clothing. That is why it differs from the ones we have already named in that the printing is done in specific places. The full print t shirt are very popular.

Digital printing makes work lighter when it comes to choosing the fabric to work on. Because it comes with ink specifications that can determine the type of fabric that is best for you.

Disadvantages that can occur according to fabric

You have to be very attentive with the material you are going to choose. For example, very thin fabrics such as silk can give the impression that the colors are heavily washed and appear of lower quality. So we recommend that you do preliminary tests on the fabrics you plan to use before doing the final work.

A drawback that can occur in some cases is that the print is not the same as the original design. Well, although the type of fabric has an influence, other factors are also involved, such as the resolution of the files, the colors that the design has and even the format.

To prevent these drawbacks, you should always work to check each of these possible variables that may affect the design. In addition, it is clear that there are colors that are more difficult to reproduce. Be careful with the technical aspects of the system.

When it comes to printing a design, it is necessary that we master some of the printing methods. But, the fabrics that we use are without a doubt decisive when it comes to the result. We hope this post has been useful and remember that we are here to serve you in everything that concerns printing.


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