The sport continues to evolve. The materials and designs of each garment undoubtedly improve over time. So, technical fabric is the best option for all sports lovers. Its benefits are countless! It not only contributes to comfort but also sports performance.

Its synthetic and natural fibers are made to make every athlete feel good. But, its main function is that during training and competitions they can improve the athlete’s performance. Besides, friction, body heat and lack of movement are determining factors in the success of a sport.

What is technical fabric?

In fact, it is an excellent fabric that contributes to the expulsion of sweat and thermoregulation of the body through the garments. It differs from other materials for its virtues in the practice of sport. For example, cotton could be used. However, it accumulates a lot of sweat making clothes very heavy when exercising.

In general, any synthetic textile can be called technical fabric. For example, we see in the fabric of automobiles, clothing in space suits, among others. The garments that have this type of fabric stand out. This is due to their quick drying capacity, freshness and breathability. This makes them stay dry longer than cotton.

General characteristics of technical fabrics

Moreover, there are many notable characteristics that make this fabric different from the rest and ideal for practicing sports.

  • Comfort. It adapts perfectly to the body. Thus, it causes a pleasant sensation in the athlete that helps him with his performance.
  • Thermoregulation. It favors the regulation of body temperature due to its properties that make it perfectly breathable.
  • Drying. It has the ability to dry quickly. Then, this facilitates movement in training and high resistance activities.
  • Manufacturing. the meticulous manufacturing process of its fibers and its chemical components help it achieve all its properties.

Garments made with technical fabrics

Technical fabric

There are many garments where technical fabric is the protagonist. However, the essence is the same, although its design and its function vary depending on the activity to be carried out. Check out the most wanted on the market!

Running clothes with technical fabric

Running is a lifestyle for many people. Getting up early and running before the start of the day is definitely the habit of the moment. However, all lovers of this activity know that clothing is very important to achieve good performance.

It is undeniable that wearing the right running clothing is essential. A T-shirt made of technical fabric, sports shoes made with the same material and pants or tights help with the movement of the body while you run. It is important that any chafing injury is avoided during the journey.

Certainly, there are different models of running clothing. It depends on the tastes and the climate where they are going to be worn. It can be long, short, sleeveless, fitted or loose sleeves. However, the most recommended is to rule out the use of cotton in this activity. So, you have to choose clothes that facilitate 100% all movements.

Technical fabric clothing for sports bikers

In this high-risk activity there are 2 important factors: being protected and being able to perspire. Indeed, here all the garments used by sports bikers must be made of technical fabrics. Of course, choose the appropriate design that offers protection against any fall, rubbing or overheating of the body.

Therefore, one of the virtues of this type of garment is its elasticity and resistance. For that reason, these technical fabrics are made from special construction. It allows them to be light and quite reliable. So, quick movements and protection are important in an activity as risky as motorcycling.

On the other hand, there is the use of protective gloves in technical fabric. Likewise, these guarantee the good grip of the motorcycle, protection against the weather and falls. Its main function is to avoid accidents caused by poor grip during sweating of the hands. You will be able to continue perspiring, but, much more protected.

Athletics clothing

There are 2 important moments in the activity of an athlete, be it beginner or experienced. These are: training and competition. During both you should enjoy comfort. This key element will undoubtedly make a difference in the results. Therefore, technical fabric must be very elastic in athletics.

Long jumps, cycling, marathons, sports swimming, among others, are some of the activities where these technical fabric garments are necessary. However, it must be borne in mind that in these sports there is 1 key factor that must be present. That is thermoregulation.

Besides, the thermoregulation offered by the technical fabric prevents cooling and overheating of the body. For example, in a triathlon this is vital for competition. It will save heat in the swim test and expel it when it goes outdoors. Thus the athlete will continue to compete without feeling the impact of the environment.

Compression in technical fabric

Technical fabric

When we talk about garments made of technical fabric, elasticity and thermoregulation come to mind. In other words, good movement and ideal temperature. However, there is a very beneficial factor that must be ingrained in every garment of an athlete. This is compression.

There are athletes who wear garments similar to separate socks or sleeves on their arms and legs. Moreover, there are even others wearing shorts and very tight hats or special shirts that go to the elbows or knees. In short, all these elements are used for the compression of body tissues.

What is compression?

It is one that in the midst of physical activity helps the athlete in his recovery and performance. Therefore, technical fabric garments generate the necessary compression on the body to promote circulation. This prevents toxins from accumulating during the passage of blood from the extremities to the heart.

In fact, lactic acid circulates better in the athlete when wearing this type of clothing. Making there is adequate oxygenation in the muscles. The better oxygenation, the better performance it will have. In addition, it has the property that once the exercise is finished, it will increase the recovery speed.

Also, during the activity, the garments made of technical fabric help to reduce the impact of vibrations considerably on the body. At the same time, the muscles, veins, arteries and joints are compressed. It allows the athlete to prolong exercise and have fewer injuries.

Benefits of technical fabric garments

There are many benefits of implementing technical fabric in sportswear. However, it is important to consider the most prominent ones.

1.      Better perspiration

The materials with which these garments are made facilitate the perspiration of the body much more than cotton.

2.      Improve performance

With adequate oxygenation of the tissues, the athlete’s performance is greater. Indeed, its elasticity and thermoregulation will promote a good performance.

3.      It expels sweating

The technical fabric is made so that moisture is not retained inside the garments like other materials. This will keep the freshness longer.

4.      Avoid injury

By having the property of compressing tissues, veins and tendons, it avoids tearing and muscle tension due to excess exercise during sports activity.

5.      There is less chafing

Due to its manufacturing process, materials and seams, the technical fabric prevents uncomfortable scratch wounds on the skin when we train.

6.      Facilitates recovery

Compression maximizes the body’s recovery time. This favors the circulation of the blood avoiding the accumulation of toxins.

7.      They feel better

These fabrics offer a pleasant feeling of comfort that helps with athlete motivation. The better you feel, the more exercise you want to do.

Additional elements and the use of a technical fabric garment

The design that the athlete chooses will provide many advantages. However, also using the following additional elements will have a safe and pleasant experience.

Special underwear

Of course, breathable sports underwear is important for the skin to feel good before and after exercise. For that reason, this is designed with special fabrics. It will facilitate transpiration and repel all moisture. In this way, you can avoid infections and irritations in the intimate area.

Sports socks

The feet are an area of ​​the body that must be protected. When an injury appears here the recovery time is quite long. Therefore, the use of special socks will help them to be well protected. This will not cause discomfort from the constant rubbing of the shoe. Besides, it will keep them dry and ventilated.

Shoes with technical fabrics

Whereas, in tennis, soccer, athletics, and many other sports activities, the feet bear a large part of the effort. And more in speed tests! Therefore, the implementation of technical fabric in the footwear improves the energy return with each step and offers greater comfort.

Final advice

Keep in mind that your search must be aligned to the movements and characteristics of the sport you are going to do. Thus, you can acquire the best technical fabric garment that meets all your needs. Study each of the options well. Without a doubt you will find the perfect model for you. Dont forget, technical fabric point to the future.

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