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¿Is it necessary to have personalized work clothes?}

More and more companies have personalized work wear around the world. This becomes a constant especially in companies that have multinationals in different countries. The reason this happens is because it contributes to your corporate identity, a unique image. In this way, in the different places where they are located, the company will be recognized […]

How to choose the perfect uniform for teachers

Choosing the perfect uniform for teachers is not an easy task, especially if they are in charge of this work themselves. Reaching agreements on models, textures, colors and designs is an activity that requires time, but it leaves spectacular results. In this search for the ideal uniform, it is necessary that the clothes demonstrate by […]

Find out what the characteristics of clothing to work as a roofer should be

Have you ever thought about the best clothes to work as a roofer? Each job has its own clothing, which allows the employee to move around comfortably. This happens mainly in those jobs related to mechanics and construction. We refer to jobs that require moving a lot, adopting awkward positions or getting dirty. It is […]

How to choose the work uniforms for the cleaning sector

work uniforms

How to choose the work uniforms for the cleaning sector The way in which the collaborators of a company dress is closely linked to the corporate image that you want to convey. In the cleaning sector, whether it is a private, public, or independent professional company, work uniforms are necessary. A company that provides its […]