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¿Is it necessary to have personalized work clothes?}

More and more companies have personalized work wear around the world. This becomes a constant especially in companies that have multinationals in different countries. The reason this happens is because it contributes to your corporate identity, a unique image. In this way, in the different places where they are located, the company will be recognized […]

Guidelines for making the best designs for patterned t-shirts

Making t-shirt designs become a differentiator in the market is a primary objective. Therefore, knowing guidelines that facilitate the creation of print designs will go a long way in your custom t-shirt business. Read on to learn some fundamental steps that have helped many in the design of T-shirt prints. This way you will be […]

How to choose the perfect uniform for teachers

Choosing the perfect uniform for teachers is not an easy task, especially if they are in charge of this work themselves. Reaching agreements on models, textures, colors and designs is an activity that requires time, but it leaves spectacular results. In this search for the ideal uniform, it is necessary that the clothes demonstrate by […]

Printing fashion with ecological dyes

As an inseparable complement to the rise of sustainable fashion, ecological dyes emerge. These are an element that adds to the conservation of the environment. When it comes to sustainable fashion, everything that makes up the garment is included in its entirety. Therefore, the best natural and ecological dye that can be obtained is added. […]

Textile vinyl innovating your personalized t-shirts

Today textile vinyl is the protagonist of the dream custom t-shirts. In prints it is a very practical and fast option; whether you are a student with the desire to make your own original and innovative design or for business events that merit making group t-shirts. The wide variety of textile vinyls in both models […]

Gardener with T-shirt Florida, one more element of the garden

screen printing

The image of a dirty and unkempt gardener is over, you can now wear a nice shirt and stamp on it who you really are. A dynamic and hard-working person, but current, with a personality that attracts and whom to trust. When you wear an exclusive model of T-shirt Florida, and you accompany it with […]

Release your creativity! Turn your patterned t-shirts into decorative frames

  Please don’t throw away those old patterned t-shirts that you haven’t worn for years and are stored in the closet. These garments can be used to decorate the interior of your home at a low price and at the same time emanate creativity on your walls. This article will explain a fantastic idea on […]

World Internet Day: connected thanks to technology

World Internet Day has been celebrated every May 17 since 2005. What would become of us without the Internet? It is difficult to imagine, our daily life is surrounded by technologies that involve the use of the Internet. It is precisely thanks to this tool that we can search, send and read information from different […]

Gold ink: revolutionizing textile printing

The use of gold ink in textile printing has become very popular. This is due to the high print quality that gold ink screen printing provides and its low cost. But why is gold ink screen printing so inexpensive? It turns out that when making a textile printing with gold ink, only that color is […]

Geek Pride Day -An unique celebration

Did you know that there is a Geek Pride Day that is celebrated around the world? On our pleasant planet there are millions and millions of people, luckily, they are not all the same. This day commemorates all those who have a highly particular vision of social rules. There are individuals whose behaviors are not […]