T-shirts Printing online

Before 2018 comes to an end, you may want to know which T-shirts Printing online methods you are yet to try out. Heat Press and Screen Printing are the two common T-Shirts printing method for a very long time now. We will be sharing with you 3 other T-Shirt Printing method you should definitely try out. It is important to be familiar with every available printing methods as each method has its unique advantage and disadvantage, and with this knowledge you can help customers make the best decisions to achieve their result. Remember that even if you don’t use this printing methods, professionals are also consultants due to what they know. Customers now know a lot thanks to the internet age where everyone has access to almost every information. Most customers may already have a preferred printing method, knowing about every available printing method is what will help you make an accurate comparison and win a customer over. Beginners are also advised to learn every available printing method in order to speed up their growth in the industry.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing Method

This may not be new to you if you have been doing this for a long time. The Direct to Garment printing method is mostly always compared to the Screen Printing Method as they both yield comparable results and quality prints. Though the screen printing method is a lot older than Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing method, DTG has made its mark in the industry. The Direct To Garment Printing Method is easy use (You only need a textile printer and ink) but will definitely require an extensive skill and knowledge, or the help of a professional. The Direct To Garment Printing Machine works like the common paper printer. Although, the ink will be going on a fabric/T-Shirt. Thanks to the advance in technology, all you need to do is upload your design, pattern, logo, or whatever you want to be printed onto the computer which then produces a mock-up of the end product. This printing method is one of the best options for printing complex and detailed designs and patterns. Its final result gives a soft feel on the hand which makes it even better when actually wearing the T-Shirt. As with every other printing method, the Direct To Garment printing methods may come with its flaw. Inferior textile printers may produce low quality results with pretty low resolutions. This method cannot also be used on dark colored T-Shirts due to the nature of the print. It will be too thin to appear on a black fabric. Take Away: DTG Printing Method has been known to produce the least durable results and the design might fade in about few months but prior to that, it will always look awesome on the T-shirt.

Vinyl Cutting T-Shirt Printing Method

The Vinyl T-Shirts printing online method is majorly reliant on heat transfer. In this method, a machine is used to cut a special soft clothing into letters, shapes or designs which will then be transferred onto your preferred T-shirt in a style you so choose. This designs will be transferred on onto the T-Shirt through the heat press method. This method encourages the use of one time designs and can also be produce in a very large quantity, compared to other printing method. This method has also been described as the best option for printing multiple garment types. It can be used on any fabric, including T-shirts, as long as it can withstand the heat from the iron. The vinyl cutting machine lets you use different layers to printing several colors of a particular design, lettering or pattern. Sport wears are mostly designed using this method; the names, numbers, and other designs found on a sport wear. Take Away: T-Shirts Printed through this method are durable.

Dye Sublimation T-Shirt Printing Online Method

In this printing method, unique sublimation dyes printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared inkjet printer. This method works very well with Light T-Shirts and fabrics made from polyester. Even though this printing method is expensive and requires a professional, the customer is always left with a good quality printed T-Shirt. Professionals and experts in this field have extensive knowledge and skill in dye sublimation. It is important to note that Dye Sublimation T-Shirts printing online Method doesn’t work well on cotton fabric. A special type of dye is used for this process, and the dye (liquid) dries up when it meets the polyester T-Shirt. For sublimation to occur, after the dye has dried up and solidify on the T-Shirt, heat and pressure is applied on the T-Shirt and which turns the dye into gas. The process gets a bit technical from here but eventually when the heat is removed, the molecules contract again. It is important to understand the type of result you are looking to achieve in the long and short run, then go for the best method that suits this.