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We have printed a whole lot of t-shirts, and we have completed so many embroidery and printing projects, so we know how much goes into making a quality product. The art of recreating designs, craft or print on a fabrics or garments requires creativity and professionalism, both of which we possess here at T-shirts Florida. This art has been one of mankind’s oldest skill and we have studied it, while also building a very reliable and steadfast community that has grown for the past 13 years till now. We understand the importance of having a very keen eye to detail as well as the professionalism to combine every different object into one, ranging from the style, colour, fabric, form, thread, and design that may be involved in the process.

Along with both experience and professionalism, we have the necessary tools and equipment that may be needed for these productions. Every clients brings a new design, a new concept and be have learnt to break these ideas down into several concepts guiding us to achieve exactly what you want on your fabric or apparel. We are always sure to bring out the best from our clients idea.

With patience and practice for many years, we have mastered this craft and have been dedicated to using this craft to help our clients bring their imagination to life. We are focused on providing creative, durable and quality service, as well as the highest level of the customer satisfaction. We aim to bring the best out of our client’s imagination, thereby ensuring they get exactly what they want at the end of the day. We work with professionals in the industry looking to start Apparel or clothing related businesses by providing them with on time, unique and top quality printing and embroidery services. We never compromise on our quality.

When you work with us at T-shirt Florida, you get to enjoy;

Specialised Service: With a professional and specialised screen printing and embroidery service like us, you can be rest assured to get the best result on the first go. It can get messy and pretty expensive when looking to create your own company’s apparel or design on a fabric, especially with an amateur printing service but here at T-shirt Florida, we have studied and mastered this art, along with the economy of the industry, and we have every necessary experience and connection to provide the best result at all time.

Affordable Price: We never compromise on the quality of our services. That goes with how we have studied the economy of the industry and we have learnt the shortest route to achieving the best results. Our professionals have developed in the industry and we have always given our clients the best at a very affordable price. We are always ready to work with your budget as we will lay down the details for you to understand the result you are looking to get.

Brand Uniqueness: With a top quality printing and embroidery service like ours, your brand or apparels can always stand out in the crowd as a top quality product. We ensure get the best result as we take your satisfaction with the utmost priority. We care about the image of our clients and we are also always looking to help them build and maintain a very good reputation for themselves and their brands.

We are always looking to build trust and create transparency with our clients and we are definitely happy to work with on any service you may need, ranging from PRINT, EMBROIDERY, VINYL AND HEAT TRANSFER on fabrics and garments ranging from t-shirts, polo, gottas and other various cloth and apparels. We know the importance of our service to your need and we hold your satisfaction at a high level, so we encourage our clients to always stay in touch with us and let us know how we can improve our services to them.

The market is ever changing and we are always evolving to also provide the best embroidery and printing services. Feel free to give us a visit, we are located at;

614 sw 22 ave. Miami, Florida, Zip code 33135.

We are always looking forward to hearing from you, call us on

786 200 7875

305 631 1784

Let’s help you stay relevant, build trust, maintain your brand identity and professionalism, or provide you with any printing or embroidery service.

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