Textile screen printing, more than a technique to transfer image and color, is an art that makes a garment a unique piece.

This technique can be applied to almost any type of textile; the result: quality, resistance and durability.

In Tshirts Florida we offer you a varied catalog of high quality garments, in different materials, to guarantee the quality of your order.

Whatever you are looking for to create your perfect print, we have it.



Customize the design by choosing the colors you want and the size you need. The limit is in your creativity.


Cost effectiveness

Very low cost on large orders, ideal for work or sports teams.

Reloj de arena


Very resistant to weather and cleaning products.



It can be applied to different types of fabrics and more materials in addition to using multiple colors.

Textile screen printing, fusion of art and technique for your garments

Do you want your work team to stand out from your competitors? Make the difference by customizing your uniforms with eye-catching details printed in textile screen printing.

At Tshirt Florida we are aware of the importance of corporate image for a company: that’s why we do not skimp on resources to strengthen its projection, through the highest quality textile printing.


Textile Screen Printing

In Tshirt Florida we have a large stock of t-shirts ready to customize your style with a variety of models and different types of fabrics for you to choose the one you like the most.

With the textile printing technique you can customize them with the design you like and you can wear it in the event you like.

Place the design you want on our t-shirts. You will receive your order in record time and with a unique finish.


Make the presence of your employees the best marketing strategy. For Tshirt Florida, your company logo is your heart and we treat it as such.

We don’t just transfer an image to fabric; we connect with the vision of your company, through a garment that your team will wear with pride and sense of belonging.

Give it that touch of corporate identity that will make your brand stand out with our textile printing technique to make it recognizable and enviable, wherever you go.


Textile Screen Printing

Is there anything better than some screen-printed sweatshirts with personal and meaningful motifs? We offer you a wide variety of sweatshirts to screen print and wear every day of the week.

Turn your sweatshirt into a garment that only suits you, completely personalized with the special technique of Tshirt Florida.


Textile Screen Printing

The caps are that final touch for a fresh outfit that cannot be missing…especially on sunny days. If your workers have to knock on some doors, add that protective piece to their uniform.

Not only will you protect them from the sun, anyone will be able to quickly identify your company on their attire.


Textile Screen Printing

If you are a fan of screen-printed shirts, we have them in different colors, with long and short sleeves.

Are they for your employees? Choose the color that goes with your brand, product or service. You will have personalized t-shirts shortly.

Baby clothes

And who doesn’t want their baby to be unique and inimitable. Well, at Tshirt Florida we do it for you: sweatshirts, t-shirts, bodysuits and bibs. Show us your design and our team will make it a reality.

We use materials to screen print children’s clothing that will take care of your baby’s delicate skin.

Screen print your own custom garment


If you want to feel the emotion of screen printing your own clothes, go to our page, choose your garment and customize it to your liking. Image, text, colors; edit, save and download your project.

If you send it to us you will get exactly what your imagination has created.

What garments can be personalized with textile screen printing?

Any type of clothing, although the most recommended are those made with resistant fabrics, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, work overalls and construction jackets.


Is the finish of your textile printing of good quality?


Our priority is to satisfy the needs of our clients; That is why we are interested in new trends without losing the ancient essence of some techniques.

In addition, we use the best quality products and we have the best professionals.


What technique do you use for screen printing clothes?


We have automated screen-printing processes; this allows us to respond to large orders in a very short time, without sacrificing quality.

Maybe you ask: Are there screen printing near me? Do you need services of screen printing in Miami? Call us or send us your request to josepolanco@comcast.net.


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