Uniforms Plumber

For the plumbing professional, TshirtsFlorida has made flexible and durable workwear. These designs allow you to be on your knees, move freely and get your work done in comfort.

At the same time, its high quality resists the deterioration that garments of this trade usually suffer.

We have different models of pants with pockets, jackets, polo shirts, pants with knee pads and others. Choose functional clothing to work indoors and outdoors.

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Electrician Uniforms

Our designs combine comfort and avant-garde with the IEC 61482-2 details necessary for your protection. We know the risks to which you will be exposed (sparks, heat, and electricity).

That's why our electrician uniforms have been developed with safety, good fit, and durability in mind.

Now find high-quality jackets, shirts, pants, and accessories that perfectly channel the effects of the electric arc. In addition, these provide comfort in the face of long working hours.

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Roofing Work Clothes

Are you prepared to face the demands of the weather? At TshirtsFlorida we have the right clothing to work protected from the weather throughout the year.

Our summer garments include ultraviolet protection under the EN 13758-2 (UPF 40+) standard.

For the cold months, find here: functional garments to absorb body moisture, sweaters and fleece linings that provide warmth and an insulating effect, and garments resistant to wind and water.

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Uniforms Healthcare

We honor this noble profession with quality designs of various fabrics and colors. Each one adapts to the needs and specialties of the sector in pharmacies, hospitals, and any center where they work.

Our uniforms are of great quality and comfort. These are made with breathable, antibacterial fabrics that are highly resistant to contact with chemical products. They can even withstand high-temperature washing.

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Carpenter Uniforms

We know that carpenters can work indoors and outdoors and at different heights. That's why our carpentry uniforms combine durability with functionality and flexibility to adapt to these changes.

We have resistant, waterproof jackets and garments with ultraviolet protection. In addition, these offer practical details for the trade such as functional pockets to carry tools of various sizes, adjustable knee pads, and more.

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Construction Uniforms

Construction work is very rough and demanding and their uniform must adjust to these conditions. The professional of this trade finds in TshirtsFlorida uniforms with intelligent and functional adjustments for optimal protection and durability.

You can choose and wear designs made with resistant quality material, elastic, and lightweight fabrics, fresh or warm when they should be. The best thing is that they do not tear easily.

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