Release your creativity! Turn your patterned t-shirts into decorative frames


Please don’t throw away those old patterned t-shirts that you haven’t worn for years and are stored in the closet. These garments can be used to decorate the interior of your home at a low price and at the same time emanate creativity on your walls.

This article will explain a fantastic idea on making decorative frames with patterned t-shirts. In addition, you will be able to see ideas of what to do with your old clothes that you bought instead of throwing them away.

Why make these cool designs with your patterned tees?
If you still have patterned shirts that you don’t wear, don’t get rid of them! Since you can still use them following this trend. Now, what to do with old shirts that you no longer wear or that have some emotional meaning for you? Get ready to take note and explode all the creativity within you.

What kind of t-shirts to use for this idea? Take old t-shirts, that you do not use, no longer fit or are stained, colorful t-shirts or one that you associate with a special memory of childhood. These are ideal for this idea. Remember, in order to make your home a more creative place.

Other reasons to do it?
• You will avoid throwing away t-shirts that you no longer use.
• You can save some money when it comes to decorating your home.
• Now, if you have the money, you can print the design of your choice and combine colors.
• You will give a touch of originality to the walls of your house.
• Surely, you will find among your clothes styles that resemble the decoration of your home.

The steps to follow for creative conversion
We will explain the steps to follow to materialize this original idea. The first thing to have on hand will be wooden racks; the frames in which the t-shirts to be hung will go.
The logical thing is that for each t-shirt (which can be of the brand of your preference) there is a frame. The latter can be easily found at any arts and crafts store.
Before buying the racks, you have to visualize the place on the wall where it will be hung. After having the perfect site, the size of the shirt should be measured. The size of the stamped part of it will also be calculated.
Once you have the measurements of the t-shirts and the pattern, the correct frames will be found to frame the garment in them.

Other important steps
The next step will be to correctly position the stamped part in the center of the hoop. Turning the hoop over, the back of the t-shirt should be stapled to the wood with a professional stapler. In this step it is very important to stretch the t-shirt as much as possible, so that there are no visible wrinkles.

In the back, after doing the above, there will be more fabric left. This extra fabric will need to be folded into folds, in addition to cutting off any lumpy fabric pieces.
At this point, the frame will be practically ready, but we have to refine our creation even more to come up with some great designs. Remember to keep stretching the t-shirt so that it is as smooth as possible on the back.

It is also advisable to continue stapling in the points of the frame that you see necessary to achieve more solidity. Keeping trimming the protruding parts of the fabric would be ideal. Once you have the painting, the only thing left to do is hang it on the desired wall with a simple nail or an «easy hanger».

Other ideas: from notebooks lined with jean fabric to personalized Christmas decorations
There are also other creative ideas about what to do with your old clothes, trying not to throw them away and give them a new use by recycling them.
• With old shirts you can make innovative cushions in order to decorate your room, this idea goes hand in hand with the pictures already explained.
• Using jean fabric you can also cover notebooks. Don’t throw away that jean and use it to give a special touch to your notebook!
• Sticking with jeans. Line the pots with these for another aesthetic idea to decorate your home.
• Jeans? Again? Turn them into short shorts or skirts.
• With any type of old clothing fabric, you can make original personalized Christmas decorations.

In conclusion
We have offered a simple and quick guide on how to turn your printed T-shirts into decorative squares, using only an industrial stapler and a wooden frame. Even, all this is much better if the printed shirts are personalized.

We have also offered some small tips on other ideas about reusing old clothes that you do not use.
Now is your time to materialize all these ideas avoiding getting rid of those clothes that you do not use or customizing them to your liking. Dare to give a new decorative utility to your home.