Memorial Day: an emotional celebration

Memorial Day is one of the most emotional celebrations out there. Many of us have witnessed the great effort and sacrifice made by those whose job it is to defend their homeland. Countless men and women have taken this task to its fullest.

That is why the federal government has instituted this celebration as an opportunity to honor and remember them.

Some see this day as the time to celebrate the beginning of summer or the end of the school year. However, the true intention is to show deep respect for the memory of these fallen soldiers.
It is a call to reflection, urging to give these men and women the value they deserve. It is part of federal holidays in the United States of America and is celebrated year after year.

How did Memorial Day originate?
Memorial Day is the United States government’s way of showing its respect and admiration for the military. Thus, they show their support for families facing the loss of a loved one. In addition, the date is used to dignify the personnel that are still active and the veterans.
The origin of this celebration can be found after the American Civil War. That fateful event that took place between April 1861 and April 1865. It all began as an initiative to honor the soldiers who had died in combat. Furthermore, it was an attempt to achieve reconciliation.

The last Monday in May was chosen to carry it out. Years later, after World War I ended, the celebration spread. It became a commemorative event that was held annually.

Evolution to the present
In 1971 Congress finally declared Memorial Day a national holiday (the only one in May). At first it was known as Decoration Day for the tradition of bringing flowers to soldiers’ graves.
In 2000, President Clinton declared that on that day at 3:00 pm the “National Moment of Remembrance” will be celebrated. Little by little the holiday was becoming more relevant for North American families.
There are those who decide to spend the day as a family, either playing, eating or simply sharing. There are others who take advantage of it to visit the grave of their loved ones, regardless of whether they have served in the military.

What to do on Memorial Day?
Each family group has its own way of celebrating this day. From trips to the beach to picnics in the park. The important thing is to participate in the national feeling.
This year Memorial Day will be held on Monday, May 31.

Here are some ideas to celebrate as a family:

Attend the Memorial Day Ceremony
Year after year a very important event takes place in Arlington, Texas. The National Cemetery opens its doors for a very special memorial ceremony. Flags are placed over the graves of the heroes who lie there to reflect on the military sacrifice.

Join a Veterans Support Initiative
As we already said, this day is also used to dignify veterans. There are several organizations that you can join as a volunteer to express honor and appreciation to these wonderful people. This ranges from fundraising to recreation activities for them.

Send a detail to active soldiers
It is no secret to anyone that soldiers of the military have difficult moments while on duty. One of the most beautiful gestures is to send them a little detail that reminds them of how loved they are.
You can send cards, personalized mugs, video messages or even a fabulous t-shirt with a special design.

Visit a museum or memorial
Throughout the country there are many places like these to visit. This is the perfect opportunity to spend a family day reflecting on this great work and all that it represents.
For example, they can go to the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. This monument was inaugurated by President George Bush. It has been open to the public since May 29, 2004 and offers a park-like atmosphere.

Go to the beach
We cannot forget those who take advantage of this free day to carry out family recreation activities. One of the most fun activities is taking a nice trip to the beach. After all, our soldier heroes most likely would like to see us happy despite everything.

Don’t miss the chance
Memorial Day is approaching. Don’t let anything stop you from celebrating this special occasion with your family.
Despite the situation caused by Covid-19, large mobilizations are expected due to visits and commemorative events. Follow all the health security measures and participate in this valuable tribute. The time has come to honor those heroes who were able to lay down their lives for the welfare of their people.