Every year, in the month of June, International T-shirt Day is celebrated. And that is why, to remember this date today, we will talk in this post about the origins of this popular garment. We also will explain why the first day of summer is celebrated this symbolic day.

It is not for less that this iconic garment has its own day. Art is printed on it, the voice is raised with its messages and also, it is fabulous with different outfits.

Origin of International T-shirt Day

The celebration of International T-shirt Day began with an initiative by Spreadshirt. With the aim of making the first day of summer coincide with the celebration of this iconic garment.

The celebration is born in order to be able to honor what is considered the most universal fashion garment. All of that motivated by the important role that the shirt has played in popular culture. And the biggest reason: the love we feel for this means of self-expression.

June 21 international t-shirt day

June 21 has been the day chosen to celebrate the International T-shirt Day due to it is the first day of summer. It is the longest day of the year. In addition, it is when you start using the T-shirt without any coat or jacket. It is a day when you only need a shirt to feel good, and even better if it is personalized.

International T-shirt Day
Sunset in the city of Boston. Fuente: Pixabay

Boston and Berlin, the cradles of international t-shirt day

In these two cities is where the main celebration takes place because it is there where the headquarters of those who popularized this day are located. However, wherever you are you can celebrate.

You can do it by meeting your friends listening to some of the music they like, or eating and drinking something. Next, we show you a little history of the origins of this garment that identifies us so much.

International T-shirt Day
Reitchstag Berlin, one of the cradle cities of the International T-shirt Day

Origins of the T-shirt

 It is believed to date from the end of the 18th century. It has had a tremendous evolution to this day. At first it was used inside clothing in order to keep the body warm on cold days.

At the time it began to be used, it was only made in factories, while working days were carried out. But, once the work was finished, the shirts were hung. The fabrics with which they were made were cotton and wool, which have endured over time.

The great publicity of the shirt by Cooper Underwear Company

It was in 1904 when Cooper Underwear Company started an extensive advertising campaign to make the shirt popular. This garment began to become necessary for its comfort, as it had no buttons and was generally very durable.

World War I popularity

After advertising by Cooper Underwear Company, the US Navy began to incorporate this garment into the uniform of its sailors. And the garment became better known when the soldiers returned from the war.

Soldiers upon arrival in the country continued to wear the shirts and were seen in different places with them. Thus attracting the attention of all people.

International T-shirt Day
Marlon Brandon in the movie called “A journey called Desire”.

The shirt in Universities and cinema

In universities, the use of the shirt began to be very popular among their sports teams, and thanks to the players the fashion spread throughout the university campus. Then, not only were soldiers seen wearing this garment, but also athletes.

However, this expansion of the use of the shirt should also be thanked by the world of cinema. Marlon Brandon and James Dean demonstrated that the shirt could itself be an item of clothing. Both wore this garment in a movie called “A journey called Desire” (Brandon) and “Rebel without a cause” (Dean).

T-shirts were later used to promote the movie The Wizard of Oz and LIFE magazine made a press release showing the first image on them. And from there the popularity of the shirt in the movies became unstoppable, so much so that they went viral. Like the Smiley face in the movie Forrest Gump.

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The shirt in the fashion world

Even in the world of fashion and haute couture T-shirts have their place. For example, great designers such as Dior or Saint Laurent used them in their collections from the 60s and 70s. Don Johson gave a great boost to this garment when he wore it in an Armani suit in “Miami Vice.”

Don Johson gave a great boost to this garment when he wore it in an Armani suit in ” Miami Vice.”

The shirt in the world of football and rock

This popular garment also became involved in the world of sports, not only in university teams but at a high level. For example, soccer teams incorporated them to design their team uniforms.

And as time goes by they adapt the design and the material so that their players can use them comfortably. Already in the 80s many rock groups used t-shirts carrying messages on it, drawings and symbols and there thousands of followers began to wear them.

And today, it is a universal symbol that we take anywhere, the messages that are printed on it range from foundations to a rock group. That is why it is not surprising that today this iconic garment has a day to be celebrated. Join you also to the celebration of the International T-shirt Day and enjoy.

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