International Graphic Designer Day: the inspirers of art and creativity

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International Graphic Designer Day is definitely a great celebration in honor of all those who bring life and color to ideas. Designers link their creativity visually through different tools of graphic communication.
Learn here more about the details of the tribute of these amazing professionals, where we will travel a little from their origin.

International Graphic Designer Day and part of its history
The International Graphic Designer Day began to be commemorated in 1991, but in 1995 it was where it had the greatest international following. Formerly it was called “World Communication Design Day”.
The date that began its foundation was April 27, 1963 in London. Everything in the hands of the UN and ICOGRADA (Council of Graphic Design Associations) organizations; his first name proposal was “Graphics Day.”
This celebration remembers the important functions and the essence of these professionals. They carry a message to society and commerce as a fundamental piece around the world that provides social value.

Beginnings of graphic design
The German Johannes Gutenberg, creator of modern printing, discovered how to capture many of his visual ideas. In ancient Europe, woodcut was used to capture writing or drawings on tablets.
Gutenberg made metal letters continuously with molds for the reproduction of words on pages, however, the drawings that were in the books were by hand. Due to his design inventions, several of his techniques are currently used for printing.
Among them we have the stamping, where the designer creates his own or personalized ideas. In these you can capture the name of a mascot, a logo, the name of a team and others, both on shirts and other materials.
Currently, these various techniques are applicable in design and they are considered a trend every year. The most used in 2021 are minimalism, icons, 3D graphics, Collage and geometric figures.

The graphic designer and his trade
The graphic designer is a creative professional who conveys a message visually. It generates ideas, images, sketches and also drawings to later translate them. This is how through inspiration that he carries out his work depending on the present need.
When a designer is hired, he takes the opinions of the client and elevates them so that his product is reached by the public. Even with new technologies, his specializations have now been expanded. As for example designer of prints.
In this field, photography and brand design practices are carried out, giving a fundamental value to the company or clients. That is why the design professional has changed the strategies, techniques and approaches that are a beneficial factor in all aspects.

Importance of the graphic designer in the world
Ideas and projects arise at every moment, and in them the contribution of an expert in the field of design is very valuable. Among the most outstanding we have:
• Positions you. With the magic of creativity, he has the ability to boost the brand and the presence of the company.
• Brings unity. He is responsible for taking care that the company and the style or image designed maintain the same ideas.
• Good management of resources. The designer knows how to use the right materials whether they are technical, economic and also human. This to avoid obstacles.
• Professionalism. He is punctual at work and delivers it, also conducts consultations.
• Capture. Capture the public with the stated objective of the company, achieving growth through visual communication.
• Digital tool. The new technologies of the designer increase the techniques and extend the communication by all the visual means.

How it celebrates International Graphic Designer Day
The group of members and organizations that carry out this great celebration is made up of 50 countries in representation. This is the way they celebrate that big day:
• First, the representatives of each country make contact to find out who will participate in the conferences.
• They carry out small previous events on the week of design.
• There are festivals and museum exhibitions on the subject.
• They invite graphic design companies from various countries to innovate ideas, proposals and continue expanding creativity.
• Each participating country has a space to express its culture and traditions through design.
• They carry out open activities so that the public can participate through contests to show their ideas and projects.
• Simultaneously, techniques are shared and recent technologies and opinions are exchanged.
An important day for lovers of this profession
Today many are inspired by graphic design to promote the economy. Companies, entrepreneurs, brands, among others, work hand in hand with these professionals around the world.
In this celebration it is taught that a graphic designer never stops dreaming, there are no limits for him and he will always achieve the objectives set. This maintaining one of the functions that requires importance: communicate.
Thanks to his imagination, many t-shirt companies have echoed this great career, giving originality to their designs through the expression and passion of their creations. Without a doubt, it is an important day for the whole world.