Illustrations on t-shirts tips to ensure success

Designing quality illustrations on t-shirts can offer you a profitable business. Draw, design and create illustrations that are captured on t-shirts that everyone wants to buy, do you want to learn how to do it?
If you are starting or are simply looking for tips to improve the quality of your designs, this post is for you. In any case, we will give you some recommendations to help you clarify doubts and learn.
Learn how to create your own illustrations on t-shirts with quality designs and turn them into t-shirts that everyone will want to buy. Optimize your designs and your sales by following the general recommendations set out below.

What should I consider to create illustrations on T-shirts?

Creating illustrations on t-shirts can be super simple, since we are our own clients. But what if you want to reach an audience, monetize your designs and increase the sales of your store?
Ideally, focus your work on developing designs that are unique and stand out from the competition. If you want to open an online or physical store, or if you already have one, pay attention and improve your designs.

Take into account the people you want to attract, the goal you want to achieve and the trends within the market. Specifically, pay attention to the following recommendations for making illustrations on T-shirts:

• Seek inspiration, pursue originality.
• Try not to create overly ornate designs.
• Establish who will be the audience you want to reach.
• Choose the right colors, not forgetting the color of the shirt.
• Prepare the printable version of the design.
• Choose a printer you trust.

Illustrations on t-shirts: tips to ensure success
Surely you like art and use your creativity to put your brain to work on original designs. If that is your case, then perhaps, that is the reason that has prompted you to create illustrations on T-shirts.
There is no manual that sets specific rules for creating illustrations on T-shirts. However, there are some universal guidelines that will help you successfully accomplish this task.
The tips that we will give you below are not mandatory, but we assure you that they will be very useful. Putting these tips into practice will improve the quality of your designs and make them much more commercial.

100% inspiration and originality
In this technological age we have access to too much content on the Internet, but also, a market with too much competition. It’s fine if you want to be inspired by the work of others, but always try to pursue originality.
Those who want to use artwork on custom t-shirts always appreciate the artistry and uniqueness in each design. Based on that, it is better to create designs inspired by your own style which is unique and original.
Many social networks, websites or apps can help you find inspiration to create original designs.
Note: avoid copying the competition.

Say no to very ornate designs
Printing designs on fabric is very different from printing on paper. The material influences a lot, that is why the designs for fabric must be created to look their best. According to the trend, it is proven that the illustrations on t-shirts that are sold the most, are illustrations with simple designs. Overloading an illustration can:
• Generate more printing expenses
• Ruin the t-shirts

The simplicity and quality will provide what is necessary so that the illustrations come out perfect and the public will like them.

Establish who your audience will be
If you don’t have a lot of experience, you probably don’t know your customers’ preferences well. Above all, if you have not determined who are the ones that will be part of your audience. Whether you have a store that sells predetermined designs or you are preparing an order, don’t forget who your audience is.

To create illustrations on T-shirts it is important to know the needs and demands of the customers. Starting from that you can:
• Interact with customers on social networks.
• Ask the followers what their preferences are.
• Offer options through surveys.
These recommendations can help you define a style, and, therefore, the designs that you create will be pleasant for your clients.

Take care of the color range
Colors are essential to create designs that captivate your audience. Defining the colors and combining them correctly will define the success of your illustrations. Especially if the shirt you want to print is colored.
Creating illustrations on white t-shirts is different than creating them for colored t-shirts. This is because the background of the illustrations plays an important role when printing them on the t-shirts.
Both the colors of the design, the color of the background and the color of the shirt must be taken into account. Play with the color palette to create appropriate illustrations for each shirt, regardless of its color.

Digital version Vs stamping version
The digital version helps you define the design and also serves to edit it if we want to improve it. But designs will never look the same on screen and on fabric. The printable version must be prepared to be true to scale and verify that every detail is in place, without losing quality. Care should be taken with the following details:
• The thickness of the lines.
• The size of the letters.
• The color of the design and the t-shirt.
All these details can ruin the printing of illustrations on T-shirts if the necessary corrections are not used.

Choose a printer you trust
The quality of designs in T-shirt illustrations depends a lot on the good work of the designer and professional teams. Always try:
• Advise you with experts in the field.
• Choose your textile embosser wisely.
Using these tips will increase the quality of your illustrations. You’ll be able to print flawless designs on t-shirts and your customers will appreciate it.

Don’t make these mistakes
Following the advice of those who have already been in this business for a long time is a very wise decision. Avoid ruining the designs of your t-shirts, following the advice that we already gave you previously and, avoiding making the following mistakes. So, don’t:
• Create low-quality designs.
• Use designs without transparency for colored t-shirts.
• Make designs with letters that are too small or not very legible.
• Forget to set the height of the design very well.
• Use cheap or poor-quality programs.
• Rush, the best designs take time.
• Settle for the first sketch.
• Stop looking for inspiration to improve the design.
While creating illustrations on T-shirts can be fun, it can also be frustrating. That is why you must take care of each step during the process, so that everything goes well for you.