The number of T-shirt lovers on Instagram is enormous. It is undeniable this is a very fast-paced market. It is a photo-based social media platform that is the hot spot for many youths and teenagers. Certainly, they are in the audience of T-shirt makers. For that reason, to sell your T-shirts on Instagram is a great idea.

Besides, it is the perfect place for you to meet and connect with new customers. Fashion is an industry that requires visuals, making Instagram the ideal place to sell your T-shirts.

T-shirts on Instagram

Optimize your profile to sell T-shirts on Instagram

It is very important that you take your Instagram profile as your Website Home page. So, it has to be very well presented.  Your username should be easy to find and simple enough to be easily remembered.

If your Instagram account is your business account, you may use a clear picture of you as the Display picture. If you decide to go in other way, your brand icon/logo is the next best option. Since your profile picture on Instagram cannot be enlarged, ensure your logo is bold, simple and clear.

Write an attractive Bio on Instagram

You only have the space of 150 characters to tell potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. Take advantage of the space to write something attractive about your business.

Remember, your Bio is the only place on Instagram where you can place a functional link. Prioritize the link you choose to use at a particular time. Also, remind that hashtags on your Instagram bio are not functional. Due to it is better to use the space to share more relevant information.

Orderly Arrange the Images you post

When scrolling through your Instagram timeline, it is only normal to come across random/recent posts from those you are following. This is usually based on the Instagram Algorithm which is based on your interaction with the page and the effort of the page user. So, this is an element you must have in mind.

But on your page itself, the images you upload are arranged in the sequence as it has been uploaded, making it a perfect representation of your portfolio. Be systematic with this arrangement. Ensure it is appealing to the eyes. Your overall feed has to make a good first impression.


Instagram Promotion

Instagram Promotion is also a perfect feature that helps you reach new customers. As long as you know who they are. Based on who the target audience of your tshirts are, carryout an Instagram promotion and entice them with a very clear image of your tshirt.

T-shirts on Instagram

Note that Instagram promotion doesn’t work immediately or accurately. It may take some time to convince someone to buy from you, depending on how familiar they are with you. The reactions of people cannot be easily predicted so follow your promotion and make changes as you deem necessary.

It is a fast-growing platform with new users joining every day. It may take a while to get a handle of the platform, but it is worth every single effort. You want to be where your customers and we can say for a fact that this is where they are.


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