There are those with an unquenchable love for Tank top and hate for tshirt, while another group have an unquenchable love for tank top, and hate for T-shirts. There is also a group without hate for neither. Being able to turn a Tshirt into a Tank top is a skill that could come in handy pretty soon.

To make this happen, you would be needing a Tshirt (Obviously), a Marker with a contrasting color to your Tshirt, Scissors, and maybe a sewing machine (if you would rather hem the sides or wear it as is.

The first thing you need to do is mark the front and back arm side of the Tshirt for cutting.

Starting from the front neckline, outline it as the tank top straps. When cutting the neckline, ensure you don’t cut it too wide, away from the original neckline, else it won’t stand on your shoulder.

Note: it is always best to work from inside out.

Make the strap an inch wider if you intend to hem the sides after you are done, or 2 inches if you won’t.

For the backside, draw your curve right below the original neckline if you intend to hem it after. Ensure you create a curve.

For the second phase, fold your t-shirt and match up the shoulders and armpit. Then cut along the line you had drawn earlier. Ensure your lines are smooth and symmetrical to keep it feeling organic.

The final step is for you to sew the Sides ad Neckline which is optional for those that don’t mind wearing it without being hemmed.

Many prefer to hem the neckline at least while leaving the sides. When hemming your shirt, ensure you maintain the symmetry without cutting it out of shape. Always check it from the front and backside to ensure it is straight.

Be careful to not fold the neckline of sides too much, else it might come out awkward.

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