One of the most effective marketing strategies used by clothing brands is to get a celebrity (or more) to wear their cloth. While this has worked for many brands, a few brands have failed to make the most of this strategy; either by getting their cloth on the wrong celebrity or by failing to effect this strategy into their business.
To make the most of this strategy, one must find shoulders to place their t-shirt on. There must be an association between the cloth, your brand, and the celebrity. But getting your clothes on the body of a celebrity may not be as easy. Everyone wants to talk to them, everyone wants a reply from them, so how do you go through the crowd to talk to them while also getting a response?
These celebrities are surrounded by so many other people, each of which you could use as a link to reaching them but the most effective person to make this happen is the celebrity’s fashion stylist. Not many celebrities may have a “Stylist” but most of them have someone who helps them decide on what to wear and when to wear it. They filter the noises coming towards the celebrity to find the meaning offers.
Here are a few points that would help you make this happen;

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Find the Right Celebrity

This is going to make your journey very easy. The right celebrity who will have an obvious connection with your brand will easily accept your offer which would effectively resonate among your audience and help you make more sales. So ask yourself;
Why would this celebrity be interested in my brand?
Does my style align with the style of the Celebrity?
Do our brand ethos match?
These questions can guide you to slimming down the options you may have at your disposal, getting you closer to the right answer. If the celebrity’s stylist is the decision-maker, do a bit more research to find out what makes that stylist tick. It will be worth it.

Free or Paid

So what are you offering? Depending on your budget, one must measure how he intends to go about endorsing the celebrity, before actually approaching him.
Also, getting a free or paid endorsement may be dependent on the celebrity you may be looking to endorse. A-list celebrities in Hollywood may not go for the deal if there isn’t a huge sum of money involved. Meanwhile, there are other celebrities out there who would settle for your outfit (of course), and the association with your brand.
A free endorsement would most likely mean that the celebrity wears your t-shirt as they see fit, while paid endorsement may come with a bit more control over how and when your cloth is worn.

Reaching Out

As we mentioned earlier, the decision-maker of the celebrity when it comes to what they wear will most likely be their stylist. While many celebrities have one, others are their stylist; so the plot here is to understand how to approach and with what to approach.
The best way to approach is by dropping them an email. Let them know you exist and tell them why you think they are the best fit for your brand. Do not bombard them with so many irrelevant information like your complete look book. Rather, highlight the styles that you believe would be the perfect fit for them, and patiently wait for their feedback.

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