The way in which the collaborators of a company dress is closely linked to the corporate image that you want to convey. In the cleaning sector, whether it is a private, public, or independent professional company, work uniforms are necessary.

A company that provides its workers with an excellent work uniform reflects the care it gives to its most important resource: its employees. An employee who proudly wears the work uniform of your company is the best advertisement that a brand or company can have.

The right garment in the right place is a primary tool for building positive brand and staff perception. In addition, it facilitates the identification and classification of employees.

work uniforms

Work uniforms. How to choose the perfect model?

There are many custom design options depending on the cleaning task at hand. We have a nightgown or gown type pajamas, sweater or sports jumpsuits and jackets, among others. Choosing the right model is essential.

In addition to aesthetics, work uniforms must comply with regulations established by law. It must always be borne in mind that design is part of your occupational safety and must be functional for risk prevention.

The highlights that must be present, before choosing the design are:

  • Take into account models that are adaptable to each age and body complexion.
  • Allow freedom of movement during the working day.
  • It must be comfortable and flexible.
  • No model may have tight sleeves or pants.
  • Jackets must have wide sleeves and large pockets.
  • Pants must be elastic waist, baggy and with side pockets following the models of sports pants.

work uniforms

What is the ideal fabric for work uniforms?

The composition of the fabric most used in the design of work uniforms is the combination of cotton and polyester. It is a type of fabric that is soft to the touch and at the same time is durable and resistant.

This type of fabric allows the freedom of movement and comfort essential to carry out cleaning tasks. Another feature that adds value to the fabric is that it is weightless, lightweight and does not retain moisture.

With the evolution we have in the textile sector, we find fabrics with breathable, antibacterial and liquid repellent fabrics. All of these are necessary requirements for the personnel performing the cleaning tasks.

Choice of color of work uniforms: classic or adapted to the season

The choice of the ideal suitable color always leans towards dark colors. If the uniforms are to be used throughout the year, it is advisable to choose neutral colors: navy blue, gray and half-tone colors.

Now, if you want to be in tune with the colors of the season, I offer you the following alternatives:

Spring summer. Bet on a selection of colors in bright and warm tones. For example, red, green, yellow, orange, etc.

Autumn Winter. Recommended shades are brown, ocher, gray and blue.

work uniforms

Importance of footwear for cleaning workers

Many hours of standing, making repetitive movements on the same place, make footwear of vital importance. Cleaning workers should wear footwear that is anatomical and ergonomic.

The use of ultra-light, antistatic and non-slip sneakers or shoes is recommended. Good safe footwear to be able to work on damp and wet floors. It must also be resistant to the chemicals used in cleaning and other liquids such as oil.

Opting for easy-to-wash sneakers is an added value that is appreciated by employees. This type of footwear brings benefits for everyone: the company that will always offer an impeccable image to the public and employees protects them from bacteria and fungi.

Elements to reinforce safety and hygiene

To complete some cleaning functions, it is necessary to protect yourself from hazards when having contact with chemicals. Products used to maintain offices and homes are highly toxic.

Additionally, cleaning personnel come into direct contact with bacteria and germs. For this reason, it is important to complete the work uniform with disposable protective elements such as gloves, disposable glasses and masks.

The proper use of these elements minimizes the risk to workers and avoids possible accidents. Ensuring a safe and accident-free work environment increases worker productivity and efficiency.

It should be noted that many companies take advantage of these elements to turn them into promotional products for their brand. They make sure that the logo or color of their brand is printed.

Recommendations to avoid accidents in cleaning tasks

  • Use flexible extenders for less accessible areas.
  • Handles and mops with the correct measures to avoid bending in the back.
  • Trolleys or dispensers to avoid excessive weight loading.
  • Select the right tools for each maintenance task.
  • Use safe ladders, in good condition and with wide rungs that guarantee stability of movement.
  • All employees must be trained in protection and risk prevention.

Additional benefits of work uniforms

If the worker feels comfortable and safe, he will do a better job. Choosing the optimal work uniform benefits both parties. Also take into account their opinion and tastes. Make him participate of your choice, if possible.

When a customer needs help, he can immediately identify the employee by their attire. The uniform must display the company logo and a name tag.

Consumers appreciate that the employees of a company have a pleasant appearance. Plus, it makes the cleaning staff feel appreciated and valuable.


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