There are garments that, although we wear regularly, we do not stop to know a little of their origin. Such is the case of caps, which, although many people use them daily, have not stopped to know them a little more. That is why we will talk to you today about the history of caps.

Many people think that this garment is closely related to baseball, and the truth is, they are right. But we are going to start telling you all about the origin of this garment that covers the head and protects our eyes from the direct rays of the sun.

History of caps

The first steps in the history of caps

Although the caps generally use in summer, they also wear during any time of the year. However, before it became popular, there were many models that came before them.

In ancient civilizations such as Persian, Egyptian and Roman cover the head with different elements. In the case of the Persian and Roman civilization, they made a kind of conical caps out of wool and had a curved tip that they called Phrygian.

The history of caps go on

History of caps continues to tell us that this Phrygian later came to call the hat of freedom, because it was what they gave to a slave when he was freed. In Greek civilization it received the name Pilleus and was more like a woolen crown.

Between the XV and XVIII centuries many women used caps to hide their hair. They were like a kind of veils and headdresses. Later, in 1920, there were the Flappers. They were a group of women who used something similar to a cap to identify themselves. It was like a kind of crown that placed to accentuate the style and cuts of her hair.

History of caps: the traditional baseball cap

Baseball is a sport that has, if you can tell, the greatest influence on this item of clothing. This cap characterize by being soft and having a round shape that adapts to your head and on the front a kind of visor that protects your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Normally, the front has some design or the stamp of a logo and in the case of baseball, the logo and name of the team. This part is very useful for advertising. In fact, it is considered a marketing tool.

On the back, the designs vary. Some of them are closed, others are adjustable and adapt to the size of any head. The most common ones adjust with a plastic closure and other models use elastic velcro.

This garment know as a baseball cap because it is usually part of the uniform of the players in this sport. They always use it with the visor in front to protect themselves from the sun. Some caps of the most popular teams can buy online.

Excelsiors. The baseball cap and its interesting history

It all started in the United States for the year 1860 when a baseball team called the Brooklyn Excelsiors showed up to play in a modern round cap with a long brim and a button on top. The Brooklyn Excelsiors were the first, but as a result, other teams started using it until it became an essential part of the uniform.

By 1900 the garment was popular and later latex rubber was added to reinforce its interior. And this is how the current model of the modern cap emerged. Of course, it has gone through several modifications, such as the shorter visor and a better structure.

Types and variety of caps used today

Currently, different materials use to make a cap, and different designs, shapes and styles. However, there are several models that are the most widely used and known. And we will meet them below:

Baseball cap

It is practically the classic style of a cap. It generally makes of polyester and has the simple logo and the colors that identify the team, embroidered on the fabric. Before they came standard but now they all have the option of being adjustable on the back.

Every day the elaboration refine and use, thanks to technology, other materials such as lycra and other expandable fabrics in order to better adapt.

Trucker cap

They are the famous caps known as trucker caps. It is a different model to baseball caps that characterize by having a plastic mesh on the back and foam rubber on the front.

Models usually see with a logo or a message printed in silkscreen. They usually give away as a promotion. Currently there are stores dedicated simply to this model of caps.

History of caps

Military caps

It is part of the military uniform. They are cap usually camouflaged or green in color. Many times they have the name of the component on the front. And in some cases they use as hallmarks of the rank of the military.

Other caps

Here we can name some other types of caps you can find around the world.

  • Balmoral cap. It is a very traditional Scottish cap.
  • Beret. This uses in militias in some countries and as a fashion icon in others.
  • Caps. It is a cap very similar to the one used by cyclists.
  • Cricket cap. It is a special cap model to practice this sport.
  • Ushanka cap. This typical model uses in Russia characterized by having ear muffs on the sides.

Apart from those already mentioned, there are many other models, surely you know some of them and maybe you have even used them. It is that the cap is a very popular garment. We are happy that you have learned so many aspects of this garment that is used by both men and women.

Nowadays it is not very difficult to get them, you can have any cap of your preference just by ordering it online. And in case you want an exclusive design, remember that we are ready to stamp or embroider it.


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