Gold ink: revolutionizing textile printing

The use of gold ink in textile printing has become very popular. This is due to the high print quality that gold ink screen printing provides and its low cost. But why is gold ink screen printing so inexpensive?
It turns out that when making a textile printing with gold ink, only that color is used. That is, it requires only the printing of a photolith, thus reducing production costs.
Do you want to know more about the use given to gold ink in textile printing? So keep reading!

Textile print with gold ink
Before talking about gold ink, it is good to know that screen printing or textile printing is an artistic method of image production. It consists of capturing them on the surface using a varnish located in the area of the fabric already established.
Now, the silkscreen with gold ink serves to make the design personalized and unique. It can be printed on different materials, both on clothing and on backpacks.
It also allows you to create all kinds of designs depending on your imagination; from phrases to names, like drawing or a specific art.
Being a gold ink, its color is metallic and allows it to be reflected well. Even this makes it visualize clearly, without damaging the design and not degrading the color.

Materials used for textile printing with gold ink
Although it is a technique that is economical, the materials used when using it are very diverse. These are:
1. Fabric screens. It is the screen where the design is captured and is the main element in the production process. These screens feature a wooden frame or an aluminum frame and can also be made manually without any difficulty.
2. Photolith. It is the custom design. The graphic has to be completely black so that there are no errors when rendering it. Sometimes a blackened spray is used whose function is to intensify the black. The photolith should be printed on a translucent paper.
3. Diazo emulsion. These emulsions are biodegradable and have the ability to last a long time with good care. It is used in water-borne screen-printing screens. And since gold ink is water-based, this emulsion works very well. Being photosensitive, it is important that it does not receive light until the screen is insolated.
4. Recovery. It is a product that is used as a draft. Used to eradicate all the emulsion that was previously used, causing the screen to be left without any trace of impurity. They are regularly sold in powders.
5. Squeegee. Utensil made of metal, plastic or rubber. It is used to distribute the ink evenly on the screen at the time of stamping.
6. Ink. This type of ink is not ordinary. It allows a large amount of resistance to water and sun. Achieving that the graphic remains for a longer time in the stamped fibers without affecting the design. There are different types of inks applied in textile screen printing, among them are: solvent inks, water-based inks and plastisol inks.
7. Textile glue. It is used so that the garment is fixed and does not cause any damage to it.
8. Stripper. It is a tool similar to a hair dryer, with the difference that its intensity for drying is greater. It is advisable that the stripper has a temperature gauge in order to control the drying while it is being used.
9. Screen printing octopus. It is an artifact that allows the stamping to be fixed correctly and precisely.
10. Thermal iron. Utensil that manages to reach up to 240 degrees Celsius. Used to seal the ink on the garment.
11. Pressure washer. It is a tool that allows you to expel water in a large quantity and with a strong intensity. It is used for cleaning some of the utensils mentioned above and that can be used without any impurity residue being present.

Advantages of textile printing with gold ink
The advantages of textile screen printing remain several despite the years. Among them are:
• Its durability. Although the silkscreen printing with gold ink has been carried out some years before, its good condition can last for several more years.
• Wholesale orders can be made, whether they are orders of different sizes t-shirts, customization can be done without any inconvenience. As well as can also be sold individually.
• With gold ink, the color stands out dramatically and its color does not fade so easily.
• T-shirts made of different fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, can be personalized.
• T-shirts with this technique are inexpensive and of excellent quality. The gold ink textile screen printing technique has the characteristics of being good, pretty and cheap.
• It has variety. The gold ink stamping in textile screen printing is used by both companies and civilians.

Textile screen printing with gold ink: quality at the best price
Now you know everything about textile printing with gold ink. The durability of this textile stamping method makes it an excellent choice when choosing.
Make sure to wear garments whose designs have been captured in this way. If what you want is good quality, at the best possible price. This is for you!
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