T-Shirt Printing has been known to be a technical process but here at T-Shirt Florida, we have got you covered. Now more than ever, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Sweatpants, and more, go through the screen printing process; helping you bring any of your designs to life. This process is effective to decorate almost any material but a deep understanding of the technical know-how is crucial to achieving the best quality result.

There are several steps involved in getting an accurate result for screen printing; getting the right set of equipment, creating a nice and simple artwork, and effectively reviewing basic factors such as how the artwork might look on the material, before actually completing the process. These step will help make screen printing a lot easier while also helping you achieve an adequate result. So we took the liberty of providing 5 major tips to help you get the most out of Screen Printing.

Be conscious of the Amount of Ink in Use – Tip 1

This tip is a major part of getting the right set of equipment to achieve a top quality screen printing result. There are several types of Ink in the market of today; but the most commonly used Ink is the Plastisol ink. A vital characteristic of this ink which you should take note of is; it doesn’t dry fast nor entirely until it has been well heated, mostly with an oven. When working with this type of ink it is important to be very careful; and aware so it won’t unintentionally fall on the wrong spot and ruin the whole material. A clean working area is always crucial when carrying out the screen printing process; so one can be well aware when ink falls on a side it shouldn’t.

Remove All Unnecessary Variables – Tip 2

The topic of this second tip will definitely be understandable to anyone who is into Screen printing. For every fresh Screen Printing process, in order to achieve an effective result, it is very important to get rid of old, loose or wooden screens. This tip also falls into the category of getting the right set of equipment in order to achieve a quality screen printing result. The best set of screens are firm, square and tightly stretched.

Using the wrong screen or an inadequate screen will lead to time-consuming work which will eventually yield a low-quality result. So investing in the right set of equipment will go a long way to helping you achieve an adequate result. You don’t need to aim towards getting the most expensive set of products, but rather focus on getting the necessary equipment that will help you get the job done and produce the best quality.

Effectively Review and Refine Your Artwork – Tip 3

When talking of the end look of your material, the artwork plays the most important part. It is essential to properly design your artwork in preparation for the screen printing process. Having the wrong type of artwork will only lead to a tedious screen printing process, and a not so good looking result. We tend to take note of these things at T-Shirt Florida.

If you don’t have adequate knowledge of how a screen printing process may render your graphic design, it is best to consult a graphics professional with adequate knowledge on screen printing. Knowing how to set up your graphics work for effective printing result will a top quality and beautiful screen printing result, so creatively work on your design, refine your result and be sure to have a picture of the end look of your design before going through with the process.

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Obey the Environmental Rules and Regulation in your Locality – Tip 4

This is not necessarily a tip on achieving the best screen printing result; but it is a major tip to take note of if you want to get the best out of screen printing. Obey the environmental rules and regulations on the use and disposal of used chemicals and materials involved in the screen printing process.

Standard screen printing product vendors do well to provide the clients with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS); which contains information on the management and disposal of hazardous materials; ingredients in chemicals and even the necessary precaution for human use.

Except you carry out home screen printing business as a hobby or for personal use, this tip is a crucial one to take note of.

Deciding on who handles your Artwork – Tip 5

It is important to know that not all screen printers are designers; and unlike T-shirt Florida, not all screen printer understand how to create the necessary style of design necessary for screen printing.

Similarly with graphic designers; they are not all knowledgeable on the render of graphics on screen printing result. Even the best design may come out wrong in screen printing if the necessary knowledge isn’t applied. The combination of a screen printing knowledgeable; professional graphic designer; and a design knowledgeable screen printer is the right taste you should go for because that is how we get the best out of screen printing here at T-shirt Florida.

The tips we have shared above are pro tips and can serve as an adequate guide to help you achieve the best screen printing result. Pay attention to every tip as mentioned above throughout your screen printing process in order to achieve the best result.

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