Geek Pride Day -An unique celebration

Did you know that there is a Geek Pride Day that is celebrated around the world? On our pleasant planet there are millions and millions of people, luckily, they are not all the same. This day commemorates all those who have a highly particular vision of social rules.
There are individuals whose behaviors are not normal or expected, but of course, all this without hurting anyone. If you identify with all this that we just discussed, then this is for you. We will teach you everything you need to know about this day and how to celebrate it. You cannot lose this!

How did Geek Pride Day start?
Geek Pride Day arose thanks to the initiative of a well-known Internet personality known as “Señor Buebo”. His objective was to create a new holiday, which would make known the large number of people involved in this movement.

From events, meetings, parties and celebrations around all of Spain, he managed to integrate all those interested. And, little by little, it became what is known today as Geek pride day.
The celebration takes place every year on May 25. And in different countries, meetings, events, parades or parties are held to commemorate the union of this immense community. In fact, since 2008 Geek Pride Day is an official celebration in the United States.

Who is part of the «Geek» community?
In this almost infinite community, you can find a little of everything. As we mentioned before, these are people who have a different perspective from day to day. So, you can meet a wide variety of people, for example:
• Gamers
• Cosplayers
• Anime fans
• Fans of movies like the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter and many more
We could describe it for you as a new world, much more extravagant and bordering on fiction.

You can celebrate it in different ways
Geek Pride Day is celebrated in style in different countries. For example, in Sweden and the United States, parades and events are held in order to bring the community together. On the other hand, it is also possible to find different types of conventions aimed at satisfying the geek side of people.
These are the ways to celebrate that most people prefer:
• Attend commemorative events.
• Meet with other members.
• Recreate a scene or a costume of your favorite characters.
• Make use of social networks to express your support and interact with other members around the planet.
You can make use of custom t-shirts or custom hats to recreate your characters. Anything that is within your reach to feel part of all this interesting movement.

Social media as a window to the world
Thanks to the use of different social networks, Geek Pride Day increases its popularity more and more. Whether through hashtags, tags, online communities and others, it is the window that allows the union.
You could even use a t-shirt design from your favorite series or character, take a photo, upload it to one of your networks and; In a matter of seconds, everyone can see it in any corner of the world. It is definitely the global option to unite the largest number of members in a very short time.
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A celebration in the midst of the pandemic
Last year, Geek Pride Day could not be celebrated officially and on the streets because of the pandemic. All meetings, events, parties, parades and more were suspended to adhere to security protocols. Without a doubt, the pandemic has affected us all in one way or another.
This year, the pandemic continues to do its thing, so we do not yet know if they will take place. But, most likely, if these events are not held, the Geek community will find another way to celebrate. This through:
• Virtual meetings.
• Chats with members from all over the world.
• Celebrations from the safety of the computer.
• Hashtags or something that helps to express support.
The important thing is to celebrate Geek Pride Day and feel part of something much bigger. So how it is celebrated at a certain point becomes the least of it.
Do you want to join?
Being a community that includes all kinds of people, you can find different ways to join it. You can search for information in different forums about various online communities, and even find one near you.
Now that you know all this, you can celebrate Geek Pride Day and bring out your most extravagant side.
Geek Pride Day
On May 25, Geek Pride Day is celebrated in different communities and parts of the world.
How did Geek Pride Day start?
From parties, events, parades and others, in order to:
• Meet more people around the world who share a similar perspective.
• Join.
• Celebrate.
• Sense of belonging.
• Support for.

Who is part of the «Geek» community?
All those people with a different vision of the socially normal. Among them:
• Gamers.
• Cosplayers.
• Anime fans.
• Movie fans.
• Many others.
You can celebrate it in different ways
• Attend commemorative events.
• Get together with other members.
• Recreate a scene or a costume of your favorite characters.
• Make use of social networks to express your support.

Social media as a window to the world
Through the different social networks, you can express your geek tastes. Including photos with custom t-shirts of your favorite characters.

Do you want to join?
Through the Internet, you can find different communities, forums or groups that will allow you to enter. In addition, there is the possibility that there is a community close to you, which would be the ideal option. Join up!