It’s no secret that Sublimation T-shirt printing is prevalent because of its first-class results and enduring proposals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wardrobe with personalized sublimation t-shirts!

Many people are making requests to obtain garments with this process. It offers the garment a higher level of customization at low costs.

Despite this popularity, different myths have developed related to this personalization method. Many people believe these myths and deprive themselves of top-notch custom t-shirts. So now we will show you some of the existing myths about Sublimation T-Shirt.

Top five myths about sublimation T-shirt printing

Within diverse industries, sublimation t-shirt printing has gained a lot of ground for its results. It has led to different erroneous ideas about the technique, which we will now deny. If you want to learn more about it, please stay with us.

1.   “It works on polyester fabrics only.”

It is a central myth since using sublimation on polyester is usually a reality. This is due to the porous nature of this type of fabric. However, it can also be employed on other fabrics. The only thing required is that the tone of the sublimation background is changed.

Furthermore, proof that it not only works on this tipo de tela is that it can be functional with other materials—some of them such as ceramics, aluminum, wood, and even some types of plastic.

2.  “It is an expensive service, with expensive equipment.”

We cannot deny that the initial investment can be expensive for some entrepreneurs. However, it is no longer a significant problem in the long term. This is how it becomes a profitable business in many cases.

On the other hand, different customizations can be made for low costs. An example of this is what we offer at CamisetasFlorida. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the prices.

1.  “It is a difficult and complicated technique.”

For many, this technique may be challenging to understand and apply when starting. However, as in all companies and actions, practice is what can help improve. In this case, it is an action that anyone can carry out, which can be improved over time.

It is necessary to have the basic concepts. There are essential aspects to learn: follow the manufacturer’s instructions and start your practices. This way, you can take your first steps until you control the technique quickly.

2.  “The technique is typically harmful to the environment.”

Many people are often against sublimation or other types of printing because they believe they harm the environment. However, in the case of this technique, it is not a method that affects in any way with chemicals. Water-based inks are used, which do not produce chemical residues that impact people’s health.

In addition to this, the technique is only applied in a few-step process without any additional effects. No special washing or drying is needed; water is saved and consumes less energy. Likewise, it is essential to mention that waste materials must be disposed of responsibly.

Beyond this technique, the people in charge of the process must be responsible. At CamisetasFlorida, we think about the environment and care for those around us.

3.  “It is a process that leaves colors dull and fades over time.”

The results are productive if this practice is done accurately. For that reason, you need to go with professionals. In so doing, you get vibrant and long-lasting colors. And, of course, top-quality inks might be used for the process.

We should not forget the time recommendations. Sublimation involves heat and pressure. To achieve the finest results, it is essential to care about these aspects carefully. The temperature should be appropriate for the specific fabric and the printed design. It is also worth noting that the final product’s colors can vary depending on several factors.

Myths about sublimation t-shirt printing debunked

It is necessary to debunk these myths. Thus, many more people will be encouraged to wear their chosen clothes and enjoy their benefits. It is a creative, effective, and long-lasting process that can help people with their clothing and companies with their uniforms.

Remember that you can count on T-shirtsFlorida for a first-class sublimation shirt printing service. We take care of taking your orders and helping you achieve quality customization results on your garments.