Learn how to combine your shirts and create the most great looks for every events. Stay with us and continue reading our post!

Perhaps it happens to you that although you have a closet full of shirts, you feel that you almost always wear the same style. That is why in this post we want to give you several alternatives. So you can combine your shirts and have a different look every day.

It is worth knowing how to combine your shirts

Then, we are going to show you several different ways that you can combine your shirts. We will talk about trends, combinations and accessories, therefore you can adapt your look to each occasion without leaving aside your personality.

Combining your one-color shirts with the right accessories is no longer simple. Thus, it will let you transform it into a sporty look or even the ideal outfit for a night out. It’s just about using creativity. Consequently, if you want to optimize your style every time you use a shirt, this post is for you.

Everything you need to know to combine your shirts

Regardless of your gender or where you go, you can wear a T-shirt. Certainly, it is important that you know how to combine your shirts and enhance your style with accessories. So whether you’re visiting friends’ houses or a trendy nightclub, this garment can be the perfect choice for both occasions.

Undoubtedly, T-shirts are garments that have many followers because they know that in no season of the year this garment has rest. And it is the perfect option to feel comfortable.

Key tips to combine your shirts

Here we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can choose the best way to wear the shirt. So below we will present tips so that both sexes can make this basic garment the protagonist of the moment.

combine your shirts

1. The perfect duo, combine your shirts with a blazer or cardigan

The blazer is one of those must-have basics that cannot be missing in your closet.Especially if you like to wear t-shirts. By combining a blazer and a T-shirt you will be marking your personal style that will make you look sophisticated and very chic.

In addition, there are many ways in which you can play with this combination. Besides, you can use the closed blazer for a more bohemian look or open to feel more casual.

As for the shirt and the cardigan, this is a “union forever.” Keep this in mind: a shirt worn with a cardigan always, but always, works. Certainly, it is an absolutely versatile look that you can wear countless times. Thus, if you are looking for a casual look, these two pieces together make a great combination.

It all depends on what you are looking for and how you want to feel. At the same time You will know which will be the most suitable option to be able to wear this pair of garments together.

combine your shirts

2. Monochromatic and neutral colors when combining your shirts

On the other hand, attire became very popular on the world’s most sophisticated catwalks. In general, in these events, the shirt was accompanied by other accessories, which were mixed with the same color in different shades.

As for neutral colors, it is usual to use similar shades of the shirt, shoes, and even the bag to create a very jovial look.

3. Leather garments to combine your shirts, perfect union

In general, you can wear your favorite shirt with a leather jacket. If you like rock style, this combination is ideal. You can also wear the shirt with leather pants or skirt (in the case of the girls). You will have a very striking outfit.

combine your shirts

4. Other trends to combine your shirts

The truth is that the fact that we often want to wear a t-shirt does not mean that we always want to look the same. In other words, there are different ways to make them stand out. So, let’s look at other ideas that don’t go out of style.

  • T-shirt inside the pants. Normally, you use your shirt outside the pants. But, if you dare to try something different and take it inside you could give an amazing look to your image. And if you add the use of a belt I assure you that it will look very trendy.
  • T-shirts combining black and white. A basic par excellence will always be the white shirt, which is not missing in any wardrobe. But, if you combine it with black pants or skirt and add a complement in this same shade, it will be a great success for your style.
  • The scarf, the perfect complement to a T-shirt. If you want to highlight your shirt, use a scarf. It will add color to the style you are wearing. You can wear the scarf in different ways and therefore you will wear a change every time you wear it.
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Women’s T-shirt Outfits

Here are some examples of how wearing a shirt with different accessories can make a difference. Take the examples from the following list into account:

  1. Wearing jewelry. In order to highlight your shirt, the use of jewelry is ideal. And if you use colorful and large accessories, you bring a very original style.
  2. With heels. A simple t-shirt combined with heels is a very elegant and fashionable outfit for any girl.
  3. Striking skirts. Wearing a T-shirt with a leather or flowery skirt will help you stand out a lot. Wear a pencil or midi skirt and more than one will turn to look at you.
  4. T-shirt with pants. Combine it with a chic belt and stand out with accessories such as hats or vintage style bags.
  5. With dress. The shirts look great under a tank dress. This combination will make you wear a Boho Chic style.
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Outfits with men’s t-shirts

We already know that most guys are lovers of T-shirts, but do not settle for just wearing one. You can excel if you follow the following tips.

  1. Wear your shirt with jeans and instead of wearing your classic sneakers, go for dress shoes. This change alone will make you look sophisticated and very chic. Dare yourself.
  2. Chino pants. Dare to change your classic pants for some Chinese pants and combine them with your shirt. It is a very comfortable and modern option and most interestingly very elegant.
  3. The classic costume. If you have a classic suit and instead of a shirt you wear it with a T-shirt underneath, you will be demonstrating how modern and chic you are. It is a look with a very summery air.
  4. Overcoat. Actually, this piece of garment is perfect to combine your shirts with an overcoat, for those days with lower temperatures. It will give you a very bohemian air.
  5. Button shirt. Wearing your shirt under a button-down shirt without buttoning, will be a perfect look for a casual outing.

 As a matter of fact, all these options to wear your shirt there is no reason that you always look the same and get bored with your look. Besides, you can see a lot of trending design of shirts.

It is clear that the shirts are not only ideal for sports but they are a very versatile garment. The shirts work for all kinds of occasions as long as you know how to combine them with the right accessories and taking these tips as a guide.

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