The printing style used by many tshirt makers is based on the latest trend in the technology industry. Although this is not a bad path to tread, better decisions can be made in this direction.

However, you might be yet to make the best printing decision for your design.  It Depends on certain factors among which we are going to discussed below.

Design size according the printing style

you might want to stay away from the embroidery process as the printing style of that particular T-shirt. It depends on the overall size of the design on your tshirt. Smaller and bolder designs, embroidery may serve as the perfect option.

A better option would be direct to garment or screen printing. This is true especially if you are looking to make a bulk production of the design on several T-shirts. This will help you save both cost and time.

Purpose of the T-shirt can influence the printing style

The purpose of the T-shirts may influence on the output method you are choosing to go for.

For example, if the T-shirts make with the purpose of marketing. In this case, it is safe to go for options like screen printing style which is cost-effective. And it also can go through bulk production within the shortest time compared to the other T-shirt printing methods.


Budget impact the choice of the printing style

Those into the T-shirt business might choose to go for the most cost-effective method that would help them make the utmost profit. Of course, those in the business to make a profit must also remember not to compromise on the quality.

On the other side, if you have a wide budget and wouldn’t mind the cost of bringing your idea to life; you wouldn’t be bad to embroider a large design on your T-shirt.

Design Aesthetics

Although it is always recommended to keep your designs as simple as possible, especially if it will be printed on a T-shirt, some designs just can’t help but be very detailed. For detailed designs, avoid using a low-quality printing method that wouldn’t match up to the design after it has been printed. 

Overall, depending on the design, budget and personal preference, you have several printing options to choose from. It is recommended to also seek suggestions from professionals in the store where you would be printing.

At Tshirts Florida, we like to help our clients bring out the best from their designs. So, we do well to give recommendations where and when it is necessary.


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