Leading a fitness lifestyle and practicing sports has become a trend today. Choosing the ideal sportswear is essential. The custom fluorine t-shirts are designed for all people who want to be noticed.

Gaining visibility using the more traditional neon colors: green, yellow, pink and orange is the key. Distinguishing yourself from a crowd or promoting your brand or product will be more attractive if you use these colors.

The challenge of printing custom fluorine t-shirts

Printing custom fluorine t-shirts can be a challenge if we don’t know the best technique to use. Take into account that the printing technique must be compatible with the type of fabric you have chosen for your shirt.

The market offers us a variety of textile fabrics to choose from. We find garments made of 100% cotton or 100% polyester. We also have expensive shirts made of wool or bamboo.

Wood to make fabrics

Cotton or polyester, which is the best for custom fluorine t-shirts?

Each discipline has different demands and needs, sportswear must be light, fast-drying and 100% breathable. In addition, they must offer resistance, durability and comfort.

Besides, cotton is a high quality fabric, but it gets soaked easily, making the fabric heavy. Although it can be used for low intensity activities or little movement.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon are ideal for high intensity sports. In the world of customization of sports shirts, polyester is the main protagonist.

custom fluoride t-shirts

Advantages of using polyester

  • Good elasticity and high resistance to abrasion, discoloration, UV rays, high temperatures, bacteria and mold.
  • Promotes freedom of movement.
  • Resists humidity, dries fast and does not need to be ironed.
  • Combines perfectly with other types of fabrics.
  • Ideal for printing corporate t-shirts for sporting events due to its low cost.

Printing options for your custom t-shirts

Polyester t-shirts can be customized using single or dual ink screen printing, hotprint, vinyl, and sublimation techniques. You can also use embroidery if the garment weighs more than 140 g / m2. The only technique that is not allowed is direct printing due to incompatibility with the properties of the fabric.

Sublimation is the most recommended for personalizing white technical shirts. But can it be applied to fluoride t-shirts? The answer is yes, taking into account the following:

  • Choose an ink color darker than the garment.
  • The shirt must be 100% polyester.
  • The colors of the original design may be subject to change.

custom fluoride t-shirts

Is it possible to use fluorine inks for printing?

Of course, the printing of fluorine t-shirts with fluorescent inks can be carried out. Fluorine inks stand out mainly in white or black garments, however many prefer to highlight with 100% neon colors.

Using phosphor inks to personalize t-shirts is slightly more expensive than regular inks. The technique you choose for stamping will also drive up the costs of your design.

However, the market offers you options to make your design a reality, there are for all budgets. The recommended low-cost option is to use screen printing, as it offers a good value for money.

Another alternative that you should consider is printing on vinyl, although it is thicker to the touch than screen printing. Also, stamping on textile vinyl gives you the opportunity to glow in the dark.

Models and brands, the best quality-price options

The fluorine t-shirts offered by the Roly Montecarlo brand made of 100% polyester. Perfect for sporting events such as: marathons, championships, tournaments and races. Its basic model stands out for its raglan sleeves and its side cuts that facilitate perspiration.

If you are looking for a low cost t-shirt, the Makito Lemery brand is your ideal option. Its strapless model with a swimming back is the most requested, especially in the female world.

The JKL Regular Fluor brand is recommended for people who demand quality or do merchandising. Its classic model with reinforced shoulders, double stitching on sleeves, neck and waist guarantee sophistication.

JKL Urban Beach also offers chunky tank tops with wide armholes for men and women. They are unique in the market and excellent to personalize. Wait no more and join the trend of wearing bright colors.

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