There are gifts that we all want to receive and a custom cup printing is one of them. For being very accessible, usable and memorable, the printing cups have become popular. Besides, their minimalism and high sentimental value make them a very special gift.

Custom cup printing

You have endless options with cup printing that you can give to that loved one or friend to remember you. Through sublimation you can achieve your goal, here we will show you what it consists of and what types of designs can be made on your mugs, ranging from images to typography.

Two different types of techniques can be performed for Cup printing. One is by sublimation and the other by transfer paper. Let´s see what each of them is about.

What does sublimation consist of?

Cup printing is done with a laser printer technique that consists of removing the first layer of material from it. In this way, the durability of the design to be captured is guaranteed, the procedure is very simple.

The ink that has already been printed on the paper with the design, is transferred with heat to the cup. You should know that not any type of ink is used, you need a polymer ink especially for sublimation. Then, by means of high temperatures in a mug oven, the design is fixed.

Types of ovens and plates

Take into account that there are several types of ovens and plates, among which we will mention the following:

  • Cup oven. This is one of the most viable alternatives for those companies that work with large quantities. This oven can garnish 20 cups at a time. This type of oven works with silicone clamps that guarantee the quality of the final product. The clamps are not a standard size, they come for different cup sizes.
  • 3D oven. 3D sublimation is done in this type of oven. The difference with the previous one is that it uses a vacuum technique to play with pressure and heat.
  • Plates for simple cups. It is ideal if you are starting in the world of sublimation, you can only make one cup at a time.
  • Multiple cup plates. In blocks or series similar to the previous one, this allows you to make several cups.
  • Combo iron. It is ideal for start-up companies since it allows them to print caps, plates, flat objects, in addition to Cup printing.
cup printing

What does Transfer Paper consist of?

Transfer paper (decal style) is used in conjunction with a fixed transfer plate to adhere any type of ink. This method is very different from sublimation due to the type of ink and the way of expressing the design. Now, with this technique you should give less use to the designs, because they tend to deteriorate over time.

The transfer paper comes with a laminated layer so the design of the printed mug has more durability. You can use a laser or inkjet printer. There are several types of paper. But they all follow almost the same specifications, so we recommend that you follow the instructions of each one to the letter.

Types of transfer paper for cups

  • Forever Multi-trans laser transfer paper. With this, you can print on jugs, wood, mugs, mirrors, tiles and acrylic glass. You print mirror mode by placing a silicone paper.
  • Metallic transfer paper. There are them in different presentations like copper, gold and silver. To work with this type of paper, you only need a laser printer and a mug plate.
  • Thermal transfer paper.

What kind of designs can I do?

With the mentioned techniques you can make any design you want for your Cup printing, such as:

  • Design of calendars
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day
  • Love, Family, friendship
  • Birthday, Anniversary
  • Weddings, Newborns, Baby Shower
  • Children’s images
  • Images of favorite musical idols or actors
  • Some endearing family photography
  • Animals
  • Everything you can imagine!

In the market you will get all these options and much more. Everything you can think of can be captured in the mug print. We can help you to give life to your ideas. So if you want to do the perfect custom gift, this is the best choice!

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