Not sure what to wear on a shirt? Is there an interesting quote that you like but you have no idea how words should be designed? Are you looking for a creative way to express a cause you support? A look at trends in t-shirt printing can help you decide what you really want.

Geometric shape with text

It is understandable that you want the shirts, especially those that will be used for company outings or marketing events, to stand out. However, designs do not have to be exactly gigantic to be seen. In fact, if you can cover what the event is about in a single word, all you need to do is put that word in a geometric shape. It is easy.

The beauty of geometric shapes is that there are enough to choose from. The common shapes you can use are the square and the circle. And when it comes to the source, a sans-serif is always a good choice. You can also customize the design by adding your company logo or the event hashtag.

Causes supported

There is no doubt that the political and social scene around the world and at home is very loaded. You may have seen others customize the embroidery of the slogans not only on the shirts, but also on caps and other items.

If you’re not too political but to advocate for certain causes, why not warn people by putting them on a T-shirt? Seeing a prominent cause on a shirt is a topic of conversation that can lead to something fruitful, be it a more informed citizen or a donation to support the cause.

Minimalist designs for phrases

Another option you can do is customize the heat transfer printing for the phrases you like. For example, “carpe diem” has been the motto of many people over the years, but you can give it your own touch. While others opt for great designs, you can take the minimalist route. A simple white text on a black shirt will do well.

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Detailed illustrations of animals

Animal designs on T-shirts are quite common. Let’s say that you support the adoption of the dog and you want to put a picture of the dog in the front of a shirt. Instead of using a simple design, why not incorporate some geometric shapes into the body of the animal? In this way, you can draw attention to the cause using a striking design.

Hand drawn illustrations

Many people have got into calligraphy these days, thanks to the bullet diaries. Suppose there is a quote that perfectly sums up the message of the event you are organizing. Although you can always opt for a sans-serif font to simplify things, you can make the shirts more creative and attractive by having someone write the quote in an elegant way.

Customizing shirts is not a new trend; It has existed for years. And the design suggestions here allow you to say a lot in such a simple way.


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