Whenever we go to a soccer game we are going to do something representative of our favorite team. So, the passionate community of this sport is always looking for a way to reinvent itself and create a creative soccer t-shirt. That is why in this article we will show you some ideas that are super practical and affordable.

The most required t-shirt options by soccer fans are crack t-shirt as they are the favorites of players Beckham and Ronaldo. However, there are other styles that will be very attractive when you want to go see a game at a friend’s house or, even better, directly at the stadium.

Comfort is an important factor when selecting the design you want. You will want to feel good in your t-shirt. Here, we will show you what types of fabrics are used to make your soccer t-shirt ideas come true. Then, you can pick which ones you will customize and screen print. Let us begin!

What fabric is ideal for making a soccer design?

Did you know that the latest trend in fabrics is those that favor body acclimatization? Well, this technology called HyperCool is used by recognized brands such as Puma, Nike and Adidas to give the body more freshness and lightness. Likewise, it is that its fabric frees you from sweat and guarantees body temperature thanks to its breathable mesh.

This technology is in the textile market, thus favoring access to the T-shirt printing companies. And they could give this excellent option to soccer fans so they can come up with their soccer shirt ideas and be comfortable going to a game. Of course, you can choose the fabric that best suits you. It can also be cotton, lycra, polyester, among others.

soccer t-shirt

How do I make a custom print?

For a custom printing, you only have to choose the fabric that is to your liking and your favorite soccer team. The vast majority of fabrics can be customized. That is why you can make your soccer shirt ideas choosing the color, texture and style you want. You can also look for the design

The following options to design your T-shirts consider some T-shirt design ideas (T-shirt design ideas) to personalize your T-shirts with your favorite team.

There are approximately more than 120 soccer teams, so you can choose the one of your preference. Hence, you can custom your soccer team’s t-shirt with your name and number. You can also create your custom image of your team’s soccer. In this way, you can use it as a profile photo, mobile background, stories or print them.


Give life to your soccer t-shirt ideas step by step

Next, here you have the step to design your own soccer t-shirt:

  • Firstly, you can look for a design in the web.
  • Next, choose one and use it as a base design.
  • Then, use your own colors to personalize it.
  • Finally, add your logos, texts, badges and sponsors wherever you want.
soccer t-shirt

How to screen print?

The process is simple, but requires precision when it comes to screen printing. Firstly, an acetate sheet is placed, like a mold, with the design, your name, favorite team, among others. Then, in a mesh box the ink is dispersed with the fabric well stretched and ready, your soccer t-shirt ideas will be reflected.

Can I screen print a Logo online?

With the previous technique you can do Logo Printing, which you can include in your designs. You can use more than one mold when screen printing. You just need to send the design and an online printing service make the screen printing.

For T-shirt printing online, you must select the color and type of t-shirt to your liking. Then choose what it will say or what image your shirt will have and the quantity. You can add more than one color. There are usually templates in our system that you can use. But, in the same way, you can use the one you already have thought for your soccer shirt ideas.

Clothing printing has become a trend these days because of the number of designs you can make. Also, if you have your business and want to personalize your staff uniforms with your logo, this alternative will be very beneficial.

If you just want to give a gift or the soccer season is coming and you want a friend to go to a pitch with you, this is definitely your best option.

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