Creating your own design and making a t shirt printing has its secrets. From the logo of a band to the name of a pet are personalized on t-shirts today. Certainly, there are many methods you can choose. So, choose one and show the world all your creativity.

First at all, start by buying some simple and cheap T-shirts, invent a design, and then see what resources you have. Thus you can know which method is the best for you. Having this, you only have to practice. And to achieve this, here are 6 ways create your custom T-shirt at home.

T-shirt printing

t shirt printing with screen printing

Definetely, it is one of the most widely used methods in the world. To learn how to screen can be both simple and complicated. Although it is easy to learn how to make a t shirt printing with screen printing it can require us to create a small workshop. This in order that the work carried out have an optimal quality.

Due to for the process, it requires a mesh (in a frame) in which it places well-distributed paint. Then apply photographic emulsion. Then, cut out your design. When the mesh is dry, put the design on the emulsion in the light of a lamp. Then, add more paint and iron, this way you will have a very good impression.

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T-shirt printing with use of templates

THis method is known as a cheaper way to print since its materials are quite basic.

  • A T-shirt template (cardboard or plastic)
  • Painting
  • A small roll
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

The procedure to follow with t shirt printing with template

In this t shirt printing technique, you will not paint on a mesh, but in the spaces (holes) left in your mold. To do this, place your design on a durable material (cardboard or plastic) and cut it out. Thus, you create your mold for t shirt printing. Then, fix this template on the shirt you want to print with adhesive tape. Add paint, but not too much. Be careful and let it dry well. Patience is key here, as this process is quite slow but crucial for quality t shirt printing.

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T-shirt printing knotting and dyeing

This way of printing was very famous in the 60s. It was usually linked to the Hippie movement. There, people wore dyed garments that reflected different colors. Her outfits were very bright and colorful. On the other hand, even today this retro way of dressing is present in color lovers.

T-shirt printing

The procedure to follow

Next, we will show you the steps in this process. They are much simpler, and have been used for years.

  • First, you only wrinkle the shirt where you want the print.
  • You put a rope or rubber tying that space well.
  • Then, you dip that part in the ink, and voila.
  • When untying the results that are obtained are very striking and impressive. You will not have 2 identical designs.

Technique of applying paint by hand

Applying paint directly by hand can be one of the easiest methods for those who master the art of drawing. So, imagine that your shirt is a great canvas where you can express what you think. Here creativity will fly without limits. So the application of this technique becomes very pleasant for some.

The most important thing about this method is having different suitable inks, markers and paints. If you use special products (made for fabrics) you can achieve quality. There is no point in making a good design that fades in a few washes. If you are looking for quality you will not lose customers.

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Thermal transfer printing

Here the advantage is remarkable. By making the prints through a computer we can generate all the shirts we want. It is a very simple, clean and fast process. In this way of printing we will only need 5 elements:

  • One PC
  • Scissors
  • Transfer paper
  • A household iron
  • A printer.

The procedure to follow

  • To do this, first create a design using a program or search for an image on the web.
  • Put the transfer paper in the printer and give it to print.
  • Then put the image on your shirt smoothing it and iron it with a cloth over it.
  • Finally leave the time according to the instructions on the transfer paper and you’re done.

Go to a specialized company

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can request personalized printing of your shirts from your home. An online company will offer you a comprehensive service to multiply your designs on the market. Some even offer you an extensive catalog of designs that you can order at a good price.

A great advantage in this way is that you will not have to buy all the elements in each process. The specialized companies already have the resources to attend to all your requests. So you can have more time and quality to promote your business.


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