Bringing your own ideas to life has never been easier. Now, unleashing your creativity to create your own original design will have no limits. Finding a t shirt designer that suits your needs is the main task when launching your project.

The Internet offers you totally free programs. They promise help you create your personalized t-shirts from scratch. We also have a variety of downloadable applications that offer to you to work from your cell phone depending on your preference.

T-Shirt Designer

T Shirt Designer with programs from the computer

It is common for us to feel lost among so many tools, design programs, vectors, typography, colors, and textures when it comes to T Shirt Designer. Here are three of the programs and applications in the digital world that offer you to work from your mobile or computer specifically for T Shirt Designing.

1.   Spreadshirt a friendly platform

It is a platform that is available all over the world, tailored for T Shirt Designer enthusiasts. It allows you to design your own shirt with multiple options. You can choose from more than 40 models of colors and sizes specifically designed for T Shirt Designing.

When choosing textures, they offer you cotton t-shirts, organic t-shirts, and cheap t-shirts. Of course, all its options guarantee quality in color resolution and long life thanks to the “flex printing” or “dtg printing” system, making it a go-to for any T Shirt Designer.

They are the best value for money in bulk orders and individual orders. Their delivery service takes it to your doorstep within 24 hours.

2.   Perfect Tees pring to create your online store

This platform offers you the opportunity to start your own t-shirt sales business through the original design and establish yourself as a brand. If your passion is design, you are creative and you want to undertake, Tees pring is an excellent alternative.

According to the offer of this platform, you do not need an initial investment of money, the company takes care of the production and shipping of the product to your customers. Even when your design is finished, in 10 minutes it will be available to be sold. Isn’t that amazing?

The steps to register on their website are simple. It works the same as similar platforms that are dedicated to product design and printing. Another point in its favor is that it works throughout America and the European Union.

3.   Desktop T-Shirt Creator design like a pro

According to the promise of this program, it is one of the most complete programs that allow you to create custom designs. Includes a wide gallery of Clip Arts and images totally free.

Desktop T-Shirt Creator not only allows you to share your design with your contacts through email. It also gives you the option to place your order directly using the T-shirtShack app. Don’t wait any longer and download it from here!

T-Shirt Designer

Top 3 of the best applications for your mobile

If you plan to design and print a t-shirt that marks your style, that does not take you long and to do it from your mobile, these applications are for you.

1.   T shirt design pro turns you into a designer in 5 minutes

This application is complete, versatile and easy to use. Allows you to import photos from your mobile phone gallery and select from more than 50 categories of stickers. In addition, you can choose font styles, 3D texts, save the edited image and share the design on social networks.

When you finish your design in the application, you can pay through PayPal and you will receive your design anywhere in the world through Feddex.

(Link to download the app)

2.   Snaptee create and sell without leaving the mobile screen

The App has filters and effects similar to those you use on Instagram to create your own designs. You can share with your friends and contacts on social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Snaptee offers you the alternative of saving the design in a “Locker”. If you do not decide to buy it, you can also put it up for sale. You will receive 10% of the price. Payment is made by PayPal when you have accumulated $ 100.

3.   Mostink helps you expand your designs to other products

Design and print your custom t-shirt you have it in a couple of clips. Mostink offers you high-quality prints and guarantees delivery within 1 to 6 days. They use 100% organic cotton material and can be marketed all over the world.

What to do if you don’t like the shirt? You can return it totally free. If you want to diversify your design you can print it as a poster, frame, collage and labels. In addition, you can customize other products such as covers and covers, sticker prints and bags; among others.

Having into account the valorization that people do about these programs, we can say they are in the top. If all these tools really accomplish with their promise, they are great to help you design your own shirt. Get started now!

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