Textile vinyl innovating your personalized t-shirts

Today textile vinyl is the protagonist of the dream custom t-shirts. In prints it is a very practical and fast option; whether you are a student with the desire to make your own original and innovative design or for business events that merit making group t-shirts.
The wide variety of textile vinyls in both models and colors makes this a more attractive option. Textile vinyl has the property of being durable and very eye-catching. There are those who make this stamping from home with baking paper and a household iron.

Cutting textile vinyl for custom t-shirts
In custom t-shirts, vinyl allows you to transfer through cuts of a unicolor design. You have models that range from suede, metallic, holographic, reliefs among others. We can also see a wide variety of matt or bright colors and even fluorescent.
Best of all, you can combine the different types of vinyls for more visually stunning designs.

Sublimable textile vinyl for custom t-shirts
A new textile vinyl has arrived on the market that allows you to print your designs on a laser printer, as if it were a traditional sublimation.
There are currently two options for vinyl on which partial prints are transferred. Today it becomes one of the most practical ways for stamping. It has the great advantage of adhering to a greater variety of fabrics.

How to use textile vinyl
Textile vinyl is a plastic thermo-adhesive sheet, the way to use it is quite easy and practical. Below is the mode of use according to the type of vinyl.

Vinyl cut textile print

To know the amount of time and the temperature that should be placed on the plate, you should consult with the distributor according to the type of vinyl. Generally, the way to print on this type of material is:

• Design a unicolor image and vectorize.
• Place in mirror mode.
• Place on the cutting plotter to proceed to cut.
• Clean highlighting only the image on the vinyl.
• Place on the conveyor.
• Place on the plate as long as the vinyl requires, usually 15 to 17 seconds, however this may vary according to the vinyl.
• Wait for it to cool down and then take off carefully.

Sublimation textile vinyl print
To make prints on textile vinyl for sublimation there are two modes depending on the type of vinyl.

There is the one that is used in conjunction with a printing on sublimate paper and the one that can be printed directly from an inkjet printer.
1. You must print your image or design in a format available for printing and in mirror mode.
2. Take the image on the cutting plotter or use scissors if possible.
3. If you have printed it on a sublimation paper, you must transfer it to the corresponding vinyl.
4. Iron over the garment with the protective paper.
5. Wait for it to cool and remove carefully.

Vinyl, a bold investment in custom t-shirts
Custom t-shirt print prints have great benefits that set it apart from other types. Traditional sublimation printing limits the fabric on which the print can be transferred. The colors of vinyl are much more vivid.

Its duration is much longer than that of the transfer.

And you may wonder, for whom is textile vinyl made?

To tell the truth, anyone can use it but it usually stands out in:

• Companies either as a casual uniform or in personalized t-shirts for events.
• Families who wish to hold a group meeting for special events.
• Sporting events where you can make original and very bold print designs.
• School events or grade promotions.
• Young people looking to capture their original designs on personalized t-shirts.

The beauty of textile vinyl is that it does not require many machineries and does not require complex work to do. If you want personalized t-shirts that attract attention, this could be a good option. You can make designs with combinations between vinyls or the combination of sublimation with textile vinyl and give a unique touch to your wardrobe. Your imagination is the limit.
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