Investing in an intelligent and innovative way to attract the attention of your future clients is essential to promote your brand. There are a variety of items that are always present at trade shows, conventions, conferences, congresses, sporting events, festivals, weddings and birthdays.

Most of these items are given away to attendees. It is the best strategy to make yourself visible and please customers. Nobody turns down a gift that is useful. Do not rule out the possibility of selling them as merchandising at affordable prices either.

For any event that you are organizing or want to participate, it is important that you evaluate which is the best item to promote your brand or business. I present you the three most popular options that the market offers.

promote your brand

1.      Custom t-shirts, practical par excellence to promote your brand

The t-shirt is a garment used all over the world, an article of clothing that is not missing in the closet. It offers great versatility of models, colors and designs. You can create a personalized t-shirt that identifies your brand or product for everyone to access.

Choosing the type of t-shirt to print depends on the use you are going to give it. In general we use cotton fabrics for daily use and polyester for sports.

There is an excellent variety of brands of printable t-shirts to fit the tightest budgets. Some of the cheapest are Fruit of Loom, JHK, GILDAN, and ROLY. For large budgets we have B&C, Russell and Clique.

To promote your brand in a striking and original way, your personalized t-shirt must have the best printing technique. According to your type of design, I will help you choose the most optimal:

  • Screen printing: ideal for large quantities, simple designs in flat colors such as logos or phrases. Special for promotions, gifts, parties, events or advertising.
  • Digital printing: perfect alternative for photos and gradients with no color limit. Suitable for small quantities even just one unit. The best option for music groups, clubs and associations.
  • Embroidery: it is sophisticated and elegant. It offers high-quality finishes and is the most expensive of all techniques. Used by high-end designers, clothing brands or merchandising.

promote your brand

Ecological t-shirts, promote your brand as a sustainable product

There are several types of ecological shirts. The most common are made of organic cotton or recycled cotton. No plastic labels are attached and solvent-free water-based inks are used for printing.

Printing custom eco-shirts to promote a brand or product is an expensive investment. However, offering your customers or employees organic merchandising products guarantees the positioning of your brand.

Showing that you are using 100% organic products is a sign of seriousness and reliability. For this you have certificates that guarantee that your product is eco-friendly such as Oaeko Tex, Tagless Organic and Organic Exchange.

The best known organic T-shirt brands for customization are Stanley/Stella, Continental and Mantis. You also have less expensive options such as Ecoalf, Ecology and Ephemeral.

ecological bag

2.      Cloth bags, the environmentally friendly alternative

The success of cloth bags is undoubted and they are one of the most used options. They are functional, inexpensive and attractive. They can also be used for years for their strength and durability.

Every time the cloth bag is used it becomes a promotion for your brand. They are made of 100% cotton and have long handles, the most classic model. You also have tote bags made of non woven and rope backpacks.

Among the techniques offered by the market for the printing of fabric bags we have screen printing and direct textile printing, which are low-cost alternatives. On the other hand, there are vinyl printing and embroidery for higher quality finishes with a high value.

promote your brand

3.      Custom lanyards, perfect to stand out at events

It is part of the promotional products that offer the most visibility. Giving away personalized lanyards that contain your brand’s logo, color or slogan is the best advertising investment you can make.

The promotion of your brand or product will be visible to all, due to its low cost you can buy large quantities. In such a way that you have the possibility of causing a great visual impact among the attendees.

Currently the market offers us a great variety of sizes, textures, materials and patterns. Its attractive colors and width of ribbons give you the opportunity to cause a trend to promote your brand.

The main function of this type of promotional product is to facilitate the use of badges within events. They are also a modern alternative to carry pens, glasses or keys.

Benefits of custom merchandise items

Personalized promotional products make the customer remember the brand or company better. Remember that they should always be useful and aesthetic so that they create an emotional bond with the person.

The selection of the ideal article will depend on the people to whom it is directed, the time of year and the sector to which your business belongs. This type of personalized articles will constitute a permanent brand image.

The economic benefits are immediate, since it fulfills the main function of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Success will be assured if you use any of these products to promote your brand or business.

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